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100mm Railgun on a Aurora Cruiser

"Railguns are simple enough in concept; get a pellet made from a highly conductive, but dense metal (something cheap, like copper or gold), and place it between two rails (one a cathode, the other an anode). Charge the rails with a homopolar generator, and there you have it: one super-high-speed metal pellet. First developed by Sir Marcus Oliphant as a scientific instrument in the twentieth century AD, the railgun is now standard armament on all Auroran capital ships. This version fires 100mm pellets."

The 100mm Railgun is an Auroran weapon that doesn't use any ammunition. It occupies a gun slot and can fire at any target within a 45° arc of the bow. This is the smallest Railgun available. It is an effective weapon due to it's long range, good DPS and impact.


Turreted 100mm Railgun on a Aurora Carrier

"While railguns are normally fixed-position weapons, something turreted was required for the immense Auroran Carrier. Thus the evergreen 100mm railgun was mounted on a Storm Chaingun swivel mount. The combo has proved quite successful, with several other fighting ships being retrofitted with similar guns."

The 100mm Turreted Railgun is simply a 100mm Railgun on a Storm Chaingun swivel mount. Range, fire rate, and damage statistics are similar to the fixed 100mm Railgun.

It is not nearly as widely available as standard Railguns. It's mounted as standard only on the Aurora Carrier and Pirate Valkyrie IV.

Due to the amount of space it uses, many players avoid using this outfit over the Fixed 100mm Railgun, especially since any ship will have the time to turn and aim long range weaponry.

You must have completed part of the Heraan Storyline to purchase this outfit. Specifically, after you have completed the Fight to be Thurokiir mission.


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Railguns have decay, so therefore do not deal much damage at maximum range. Some would debate Rail Guns are better suited for mid-range combat due to the decay.

The weapon of choice for many beginners; this powerful gun’s extremely long range will allow the amateur pilot to actually disable or destroy a more powerful vessel by staying outside the enemy’s range, essentially staying out of harms way while inflicting significant damage.

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