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Apophis was a story driven TC, where the player has more control what is going on, and sometimes decisions would be based on the player's sense of duty and moral values.


This TC would have included all new content, such as a system map, ships, graphics, even the screen layout. This choice was made to be unlike other TCs that reuse graphics. It would have had over 6 civilizations, 5 alien and 1 human.


Here is the story, as it now stands:

When humanity first discovered deep space travel, it led to a massive space race of colonization, and soon almost 40 planets had human habitation. After a brief period of conflict, a new government was created called the Earth Unity to watch and protect the new worlds. No intelligent life had been found, but they kept searching.

About twenty years after the first big push into space, at the very edge of Unity space a research ship, called the Dawn Voyager, encountered a ship different than anything ever seen before. It was an alien ship. The first to be seen by any human being since humanity's creation. The Dawn Voyager immediately sent word of it's discovery via the  Sao Hamashito singularity communicator which afforded instantaneity back to Earth and there was much rejoicing. But then the alien ship began to attack the Dawn Voyager, which managed to send a single SOS before it was destroyed completely. The Earth Unity acted immediately, sending a large number of attack ships to the place where The Dawn Voyager had been attacked, tracked down the alien ship, and destroyed it without mercy.

Another two years passed in which the Earth Unity started manufacturing warships like mad before a second sighting occurred. It was closer to the center of Earth Unity space this time; a large fleet moving purposely toward Earth. But this time, humanity was ready. The newly created E.U.G.N ships confronted the alien ones and won. Again, humans the galaxy over celebrated The Earth Unity's fragile victory.

But after less than a month, a second alien fleet appeared, this one twenty times the size of the first. Again humanity fought, but battle after battle was lost as the impossibly huge alien force slowly but steadily destroyed the human worlds, taking many prisoner, until only 3 remained.

And it was, that as the alien force was at the very edge of our own solar system, the ragged remains of The Earth unity's star fleet confronted the invaders at Saturn. The battle of Saturn lasted only 2 hours, and every single human ship was destroyed. However, the bravery of those who gave their lives that day allowed for a single ship, an Ark, to escape before the settlements of Mars, the Moon, and finally Earth fell to the alien menace humanity deemed "Apophis"

The Renegade Sky, the last Hope of human civilization, traveled to the edge of the galaxy where it's tired and and half starved inhabitants found a paradise world, which they deemed Aether. The survivors, who called themselves the Last Strain of Humanity, quickly settled the planet. After a few years they cautiously moved back into space where they colonized seventeen worlds and slowly started to build up their space army again for the day they would have to again confront the Apophis. The Last Strain also started the A.C.I.A, or Alien Counter Intelligence Agency, whose job was to study Apophian Technology and look for ways to defeat them. After a few years, when the Last Strain's technology had improved greatly, the A.C.I.A. also started making forays into Apophis space to rescue Humans captured by the invaders.

On to this day.


Yoda had many of the graphics done for this project, however his computer suffered a catastrophic failure, and he lost all of them. So he had started over, but decided to go in a new direction. Here are a few samples:

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