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ARPIA2 is a large plug-in for EVN, started in October 2003 and released by Peter "Pace" Craddock (lead developer) and the ARPIA Team: Phill "pstan" Chick (ship graphics | ATMOS), Steve "-8-" Chick (ship graphics | ATMOS), Greg "Insomniac" Haworth (planet graphics), Ed "Darth Bob" Paget (landing pictures), Joe "Requiem" Maliksi (planet graphics), Scott "Eyeya" Vardy (ship graphics | ATMOS), Jonas "modesty_blaise_us" Waage (graphics of all kinds and animations) and Dafydd "pipeline" Williams (ship graphics and logo | ATMOS).


ARPIA2 adds three storylines evolving in parallel, where the player can choose to be a "Regular", a "Shadow Warrior" or a "Public Figure". In ARPIA2 you get to choose your path. But beware: one choice can change the future, and the future holds many surprises… Do you have what it takes?

At first, it is a new system made available once you get to know Arpia (if you succeed in finding it). It soon becomes a gold mine for new ships and outfits. Though that is not the only gold mine. Due to this new application of their properties, the market in Gwaark Bacteria has taken massive proportions, and there is money in it…

The player fights battles, frees slaves, explores the galaxy, discovers trade, protects the human race and is part of Arpia. It has always been everyone's dream to fight off entire fleets by oneself, to become a big-time rich trader, to do covert ops and to know everyone, everywhere. Well, here's your chance.


ARPIA2 is a plug-in that pushes the Nova engine far beyond its original scenario limits, bringing alive planetary explosions, planetside flight, changing planet landing shots, animated planet graphics and planetside death, to name but a few "engine hacks". There is also in-game music, and even a bonus string for those who keep their eyes open. ARPIA2 is surely not the first plug-in to have the ideas it contains, but it is the first (and only) one to have been released with those features implemented and functional.

Screenshots and Graphics[]

You can view some of the graphics of ARPIA2 in the arpia.be gallery for the curious. And if you want to see some of the animations, go to the arpia.be media department.



Pace has also released a standalone novel version of the Arpia story, namely "Arpia", a 170.000 word book based on the original 300-330 pages of mission text. The novel is available for download in PDF and ePub formats on arpia.be, and a physical copy may be ordered through "print-on-demand" solutions at lulu.com and Createspace (an Amazon.com partner).

The novel tells of the story of Parmil (the Regular) and her crew of friends, of Fezzan (the Shadow Warrior), Birgo (the Public Figure) and the rest of Arpia.

Parmil has graduated from the prestigious Prospera School of Space. The galaxy is hers to conquer as she leaves planet Spiciam and the Rablaor Kan star system for the very first time.

She finds that the galaxy can be a dangerous place, where piracy thrives unchallenged since the demise of the Society. Or does it?

A new force has been revealed. Can the face of the universe be changed by the actions of a few?

Welcome to the world of an agency.

Hogun lore[]

Extracts from "Of Humans", as translated from Hogun by Her Excellency, Lady Chel'isn, High Ambassador to the Hogun territories, in the year 1285 NC, after the second Hogun expedition

[Editor’s note: this is a literal translation, to preserve to the maximum extent the style of the Hogun language. A more prosaic translation will be released as part of the “Of Humans: An Anthology” collection.]

One hundred human years ago, we Hogun sent an expedition to this galaxy. The humans there saw us as a threat for reasons we could not understand, and we also saw them as a threat. Neither ever knew the other's motives. But now, the bridge has been built, and here is the tale of our first expedition.


We were looking for traces of a branch of our race who had created a grand-scale "hyper-gate", as you call them. In their infinite wisdom, these of our ancestors had chosen to settle inside your galaxy, using this hyper-gate as a means of reaching it. We now know that they mostly lived around Polaris space, by your standards, and they were the advanced civilisation who left the technology that the Polaris found and built upon.

The branch in our galaxy had kept contact with this branch of our race, and therefore knew of the happenings in your galaxy.

Suddenly, though, communications were no longer returned to us. All efforts we made were in vain: they simply would not respond. For many years we wondered what could cause this lack of communication, but we were soon forced to accept that something had happened to our cousins in your galaxy: the only reasonable explanation was that they had disappeared.

But why? How?

A clear answer never came, but we suspected the cause: they had been working on a new type of hyper-gate, the details of which they had never told us, and something must have gone wrong.

The most unfortunate side-effect, however, was that we no longer had any means of visiting your galaxy. Indeed, at the same time as all means of communication ceased to respond, their side of the hyper-gate was rendered useless, possibly clogged up by some unwanted object or disrupting material.

It would take us many, many millennia years to create vessels capable of crossing intergalactic distances.


But when the scouts of our first expedition arrived in your galaxy, they realised there were other space-flight capable beings: you humans, among others.

As we did not want to disturb you unnecessarily, the expedition settled on what you then called planet Hogun, but what the expedition named "home". [Editor’s note: there are still many subtleties of the Hogun tongue which even the best linguists cannot grasp, and in the days of the first contact with the Hogun, Arpia's technology was quite frankly appalling, especially when it came to translating the finer points of Hogun speech]

Thus it was that we observed, but did not show ourselves.

Until an observer made the mistake of deviating the course of an asteroid in the Umbira system.

It was due to this unnatural change of course that Arpia discovered there was "something" in space, and when they created a more potent scanning device, they recorded our presence.

They sent out observation teams of their own, and even attempted communicating with us. During those moments, we perfected our understanding of your language, and Arpia gathered enough information to be able to understand the basics of ours.

But then came the incidents.

First, in the Umbira system, an Arpian vessel was destroying asteroids and scooping up the debris, presumably to use the minerals inside. Unfortunately, one of our normal vessels (those you call "Uhngys") entered the system right beside this mining ship, cloaked as usual, and a stray shot damaged the Uhngys' engines by pure hazard. The Uhngys exploded, though it seems the Arpian ship did not notice, as it was facing the opposite direction and had not detected anything on its outdated scanners (according to the Arpian records).

This incident enraged many Uhngys crews, and many such ships then gathered near Umbira, where they were spotted by the new Arpian scanners. Arpia sent five ships to investigate, but some Uhngys crews saw the incoming vessels as dangerous and opened fire on them.

More and more among the first expedition saw the humans as dangerous: their ships had very visible weaponry, they had unpredictable reactions, and they did not seem to understand us. We even discovered they were warning other humans of the "alien threat".

So many more Uhngys gathered near the Arpian home system of Residio and their apparently colonised system of Umbira. Even the expedition's battleship, what you call the "Hygns't", was going to be present.

I believe that, had the Perch Bird not arrived on the scene at that moment, the war could perhaps have been avoided. But it did arrive, and was seen by the assembled fleet as a spy trying to listen on them.


It is strange how the largest wars are built on misunderstandings. I believe that the war Arpia waged against the first expedition was of the same kind. Both saw the other as a threat, even though they could have avoided this assumption.

It is fortunate, therefore, that we heeded this lesson, and made a point of entering your galaxy with one goal in mind: showing you we are no threat.

It is also fortunate that the offspring of those who fought us, the great-great-grandchildren of Arpia, quickly realised what had truly happened all those years ago, and held out their hands for us to embrace.


[Editor's note: the Hogun ancestors who lived our galaxy, referred to as "Those Who Came Before" by many, did not quite look like the Hogun aliens. Remember this happened 500.000 years ago, and the Hogun race changed significantly after moving from planet to planet.]

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