The Aurora Abomination is an Auroran ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"Abomination by name, abomination by nature. The Auroran technicians created this monstrous gunship in response to the threat of the Federation Patrol Boat. The Abomination mounts twin Fusion Pulse Batteries as its armament, which are more than sufficient to rip through the light hull of the Patrol Boat. A severe lack of maneuverability makes it vulnerable to attack from capital ship sized weapons, though, which make short work of its armor. Auroran pilots find the idea of honorable victory against huge odds very enticing, so the Abomination is very popular." ― Buying an Abomination
""So, you're worried about getting killed. Don't worry; I have killed more warriors than I've killed soft merchants like you." Smiling politely, you know that the Auroran warrior speaks the truth. His ship is scarred and battered, yet it and its pilot exude defiance and bravery. You know you can trust this man, but it would be advisable to pay him up front. You get the distinct impression that he doesn't respect you, and so would have no qualms about killing you if he felt you were doing wrong by him or his house." ― Hiring an Abomination

Gameplay Analysis

"The Abomination is a great heavy fighter for the Aurorans. It's fusion pulse weapons are very dangerous, while it's speed is high enough that it can dadge missiles if it has to." ― EVula Survival Guide
The Abomination sums up the Auroran mindset quite nicely. It is slow, turns like a pregnant cow, and its fusion pulse batteries do not have the range advantage of the standard cannon. Its low mass gives it a tendency to be pushed around by most weaponry, making it difficult to stay on target.

On the plus side, the 2 batteries and 4 missile launchers allow the pilot to lay down a withering barrage of fire within its effective range. Additionally, the ship has an impressive amount of armor, which can be roughly doubled by purchasing the matrix steel and carbon fiber outfits, which take 3 and 1 ton of space, respectively. The port&polish and vectored thrust outfits can be used to give the ship a much needed boost in agility. The final result is a moderately speedy ship with powerful weapons and more armor than any gunship has any business having. If the sigma mount reinforcement is available, it is possible to mount 4 fusion pulse batteries, which will overwhelm the armor of most ships in seconds.

If fighting this ship, stay out of battery range. The sheer volume of fire will deal significant damage. Be sure to exploit its limited mobility when engaging it.

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