Polaris Arachnid
Polaris Arachnid
General characteristics
Acceleration 450
Turning ability 60
Maximum speed 300
Cost 2,000,000 cr
Requirements Middle Polaris string
Technical specifications
Length 165 meters
Shield capacity 825/68
Armor effectiveness 480/20
Energy capacity 12 jumps or 1,200 units
Crew 10
Total mass 650 tons
Free space 40 tons
Cargo space 25 tons
Gun hard-points maximum of 2
Turret hard-points maximum of 2
Standard armament 1 Capacitor Pulse Laser, 1 Polaron Torpedo Launcher & 15 ammo
Included outfits Fusion Reactor, Nil'kemorya Jammer

The Arachnid's standard shipyard image.

Like all Polaris vessels, the Arachnid starts out as a metal frame with internal components. It is then suspended in a vat of amniotic fluid which begins to grow an organic shell around those components. Eventually the two intermesh so well that it is difficult to pick the mechanical from the biological. In battle, the Arachnid's main weapon is an organic-based Capacitor Pulse Laser that is grown during this phase and which runs from a fusion generator. The generator itself is installed after other construction is complete, and Arachnids do not leave the shipyard without one.


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You must be on excellent terms with the Polaris authorities to have access to this ship.

Different Variants Edit


The version seen at right.

Cloak Detected

Can be bought at the shipyard. Fit with a Cloaking Device.


Better armor and shields; adds 1 more CPL and 1 more Polaron Torpedo Tube to the loadout