The Polaris Arachnid is a Polaris ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"Like all Polaris vessels, the Arachnid starts out as a metal frame with internal components. It is then suspended in a vat of amniotic fluid which begins to grow an organic shell around those components. Eventually the two intermesh so well that it is difficult to pick the mechanical from the biological. In battle, the Arachnid's main weapon is an organic-based Capacitor Pulse Laser that is grown during this phase and which runs from a fusion generator. The generator itself is installed after other construction is complete, and Arachnids do not leave the shipyard without one." ― Buying an Arachnid
""If you can provide the finance to provide for my ship and crew, I would be honored to escort your ship," says the elegant Polaran before you. "I can vouch for her worthiness; she has served me well throughout my seventy years as her Nil'kimas." He turns to you, and notes that the word doesn't register with your translator. "Nil'kimas is most closely translated as 'war master'," he smiles. War is about right, too. This Arachnid would chew through the formations of lesser races." ― Hiring a Arachnid

Gameplay Analysis

"A very nice ship indeed. Very fast, very powerful, the Arachnid is more powerful than some of the best ships for the other governments. And it looks cool, too. :)" ― EVula Survival Guide
You must be on excellent terms with the Polaris authorities to have access to this ship.

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