Heraan Researched Argosy
General characteristics
Acceleration 350
Turning ability 35
Maximum speed 250
Cost 200,000 cr
Requirements none
Technical specifications
Length 30 meters
Shield capacity 225/20
Armor effectiveness 300
Energy capacity 500 units or 5 jumps
Crew 10
Total mass 150 tons
Free space 30 tons
Cargo space 50 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 4
Turret hard-points Maximum of 2
Standard armament 2 Hail Chainguns & 100 ammo, 1 IR Missile Launcher & 10 ammo
Included outfits Auroran IR Jammer

The Heraan House have always held scientists and scholars in much higher regard than the rest of the Empire. The fertile environment in which Heraan technicians work has produced this surprisingly trim vessel. Built more along the lines of early Federation efforts, the Argosy packs many improvements on even the latest Federation efforts, and is a spritely performer. It sports twin hyperdrive 'nacelles' that allow for more accurate FTL travel, and those selfsame nacelles can fold outward for excellent maneuverability in atmospheric flight.

Notes Edit

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This craft also comes in a Pirate version. It is highly recommended to face your prow toward enemy ships when attacking, as it has a high number of weapon mounts for a ship of its class and can destroy hostile ships quickly, but its slow turn speed is a liability in combat. Also, if the ammo runs out, you can only run away.