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The Association Storyline of EV Nova is short and challenging, but features a personal revenge story.


The intro missions of the Association storyline see you running a few cargo missions for Olaf Greyshoulders, becoming the new Pirate Guild-Master and making the Association the official cargo haulers for the Rebellion.

Merrol missions for the Association summary: as a 'good' string, the small Federation ships at the travel destinations do attack the pilot.

In the offshoot missions, you help the Rebels acquire new technology and patch a security leak and the Association acquire upgrades while punishing a redneck, exploring a deep space hulk and rescuing a scientist's family.

In the final Association missions, you assemble a crew for a Carrier, set up a trap for Pirate raiders, use the Rebels to decrypt info connecting the Federation to the Pirates, then slay rival Guildmaster McGowan.


Intro Missions[]

  • Olaf Greyshoulders: your uncle who runs a shipyard on Viking. Talks like a pirate and calls you "Bonnie". Wants to see you claim your position as leader of the Association and get revenge on the man who betrayed your father.
  • Morgan Greyshoulders: your late father. Captain of the Unrelenting I, killed in a Federation ambush while buying time for the Association convoy to escape.
  • Hilary Crosby-Roberts: an educational worker on Misfire who really needs a copy of "Jaws 557 - Sharks in Space".
  • Chade McGowan: leader of the largest pirate fleet and a rival guild called the Free Traders. In bed with the Bureau of Internal Investigation, which supplies them with data for raiding and protects them from the Federation Navy. Sold out Morgan to the Feds, leading to his death.
  • Dace: the Association's bookkeeper, has offices on Codec. Has tended to your inheritance since Morgan's death.
  • Hargor Both Barrels: A former Auroran ship's boy, rescued out of the hulk of an Auroran Cruiser as the only survivor. Now Dace's bodyguard.

Merrol Missions[]

  • Jay: Merrol's jovial dock-master. Doesn't like to be disturbed during his time off. Is grateful for the assistance you provide to the Rebellion.
  • Burton: a food wholesaler in the organized Las Vegas marketplace that is willing to sell food to unknown people. Gives a fair bargain.
  • Arpad: an equipment vendor in the disorganized Menin marketplace who is willing to sell with no questions asked. Appears to be a better negotiator than Burton.
  • Anna: a rebel informant who believes her cover has been compromised.
  • Cade 'Sundown' Smart: a "retired" general who is now working for the Rebellion. A brilliant tactician who saved the Federation from the Auroran onslaught after taking the reigns away from his incompetent predecessor. Appears to congratulate you after rescuing an agent.
  • Fiona: a new rebel informant who needs to be inserted into her new job.


  • Frandall: A rebel leader on Rebel II who offers you missions to steal technology from the Federation.
  • Tomak: An engineer who defects from Rauther Power Industries to the Rebellion with the Ion Dissipator.
  • Skinny: A skeletal redneck pirate engineer on Altia who created the incredibly effective engine upgrade the Overdrive. Has a beef with 'Daring' Dan McGraw.
  • Reggie, Ronnie, Mikki, and Rodger: Skinny's sons. Described as 'mutant apes', they're apparently joyriders who cause trouble in other systems.
  • "Daring" Dan McGraw: a privateer and Association member in the Lalande 21185 system who doesn't appreciate Skinny's boys.
  • Billy Booya: Lodestone's dockmaster. Respects Olaf for helping his workers in the past.
  • Ryan: a prospector who attempted to repair a Leviathan in Wraith space to bring it's shipment of forced matrix Iridium Cuprite (a metal used in ancient hyperdrives) home. Died due to an explosive decompression of the ship's atmosphere.
  • Ralph Sutherland: a genius scientist and inventor. Invents the Sutherland Alluvial Dampener and the self-replicating Repair Droids.
  • Denise: Dr. Ralph's wife.
  • Rodger and Jenny: Dr Ralph's two children.

Final Missions[]

  • Blind Charlie: a communications operator on Dunroamin with incredible hearing.
  • Sven Fjordnham: a radar operator on Serenity who used to work for Morgan. Designed an industry standard body scanner called the "Nightprobe" using Association funding.
  • Flynn "Dizzy" McHugh: a young prodigal pilot on Boral I who can make a destroyer out-fly a fighter.
  • Ferret: a crew chief on Boral I who can reform the lazy and the foolish.
  • Dala: the Unrelenting's navigational computer.
  • Horatio: the Rebel's tactical computer, located on Rebel I.
  • Jimrin Forge: a cargo handler working on Viking. The source of the Association's security leaks.

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