The civilian Asteroid Miner is a civilian ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"Asteroid mining has been the staple method of gathering materials since the time of the construction of the Kane band. Dr. Harbhajan Singh of the University of Mumbai first came up with a basic robotic craft designed to latch onto an asteroid and maneuver it close to a planet for processing. Today's Asteroid Miners are manned by a crew of six and are the backbone of the resource gathering efforts of the Federation and the Auroran Empire." ― Buying a Asteroid Miner
"An Asteroid Miner is certainly an odd looking ship, with extremely low speeds, no armor or shields, and few redeeming qualities bar its large cargo space. Still, it's probably better than a Heavy Shuttle, if you can look past the cost to hire it. Its captain assures you he will not go haring off after errant asteroids, but will instead do only what you tell him to do, but you remain a little doubtful..." ― Hiring a Asteroid Miner

Gameplay Analysis

"The Asteroid Miner is a good enough ship for mining asteroids, with it's 100 tons of cargo space, but mining just isn't profitable enough (in my opinion) to warrant getting this ship. It's not a bad escort, however." ― EVula Survival Guide
The Asteroid Miner is hardly a combat-capable craft. First off, the robot arms must extend before it can even fire, giving your opponent about two seconds' worth of free shots. Secondly, it is not very manoeuvrable or very fast. Thirdly, the mining lasers are good for use against asteroids, but supremely weak against shields and armour.

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