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The Auroran Heavy Industries Aurora Carrier is an Auroran ship in Escape Velocity Nova. To obtain an Aurora Carrier, you either must have won the duel to become the replacement Thurokiir for House Heraan or disable and capture one. Also, your shareware trial must not have passed 30 days.

"There is an Auroran legend about the creation of the first Carrier. The Auroran lord who first conceived of such a mighty vessel gave these precepts to the shipwright for its creation: "Make me a hand with which I might strike mine enemies!" The keel for the vessel is so large that it has to be laid in a planet-based shipyard. The ship itself is 1.2 km long, mounts deck-guns, and has bays for Firebirds and Phoenixes." ― Buying a Carrier

The Aurora Carrier is the longest and slowest ship. It serves as a carrier and as an artillery piece.


"The carrier before you is an impressive sight. Its weapons gleam menacingly in the harsh docking bay lights, and the crew working on it look very efficient, if a bit savage. The captain tells you lovingly about the ship's performance, and the quality of his warriors. You are unsure as to which is the more impressive; the crew with their casual predatory look, or the obvious deadliness of the war machine before you." ― Hiring a Carrier

Ytrack Class (#153)[]


The base armament of a Ytrack Class is extremely underwhelming. Note the Federation jammer.

Wild Variants[]

Shipvariant stat changes are relative to the stats of the basic model. The basic model is Ytrack.

The following shipvariants are unavailable in the shipyard and must be captured in the field.

Se Ytruck Gjinchar Class (#296)[]


This shipvariant is the 'light' version of the Aurora Carrier, being faster but less heavily armoured. Its loadout features a single Frunch'ek Phoenix in place of the basic Phoenix.

Va Ytreck Class (#295)[]


This shipvariant turns poorly but features increased equipment space and protection. Its loadout features variant Phoenixes. This is the best variant the basic ship upgrades into.

Va Ytreck Class (#297)[]


This shipvariant has Heavy Weapon Platform amounts of equipment space, placing it among the best in terms of equipment space. Its turn rate is almost unusable, however.

Its loadout features Thunderheads and variant Firebirds.

House Variants[]

The following variants all seem to be based on the Ytrack Class, but worse to varying degrees. Heraan is an outlier and should not be counted.

Moash - Ytrack (#298)[]


Unlike other Moash shipvariants, this one does not disable at 33%.

Dani - Ytrack (#299)[]


Vella - Ytrack (#300)[]


Tekel - Va Ytreck (#301)[]


Heraan - Va Ytreck (#302)[]


The Heraan shipvariant has the most equipment space and turrets in the galaxy and is the best protected Aurora Carrier.

Its loadout brings six 100mm Turreted Railguns to battle alongside six Firebirds and four Phoenixes making it the best long-range escort.

Technical Variants[]

The following shipvariant is unavailable in the shipyard and serves a particular gameplay purpose.

Karrod's Heraan - Va Ytreck (#396)[]

This is the personal ship of Karrod.


It is inferior to a standard Heraan Va Ytreck and doesn't have enough turret slots for all its turrets. It also marks the return of the Fed jammer.

Gameplay Analysis[]

Aurora Carrier Shipyard

"A heavy ship, to say the least, this ship carries tons of fighters, as well as being heavily armored and having excellent armament (in terms of diversification). It's speed makes it a target for heavy missiles, but it's thick armor means that you'll have to do more than just pound away at it from a distance -- besides, those railguns can take you out if you sit in one place too long." ― EVula Survival Guide

While big and slow, the Aurora Carrier is one of the most effective carriers in the game. She has a huge amount of expansion room and Auroran fighter bays launch simultaneously. This is very helpful if you have to scramble a squadron of fighters to an immediate threat. The Firebirds and Phoenixes you get with the ship are also cheap and expendable. The Aurora Carrier is a pure carrier - she relies on her fighters against most targets as her direct firepower is unassuming.

She is not without her drawbacks however. Auroran fighter bays have a weakness in the time it takes to reload another fighter to launch. It is fully possible to have all your fighters undocked at all times which will circumvent this problem. Another disadvantage lies in her speed and agility making her less effective as the pilots ship. The time to jump to another system is also increased by the primitive Auroran technology. Even with all possible engine upgrades the agility of this ship is not passable. She is also a quite big target making dodging a effort in futility.

Do not try to fight the Polaris with this ship. The best defense against them is evasion and long range firepower. She might succeed at the latter but she fails horribly at the former. Armor and shields matter little when a CPL comes crashing down upon you.

Escort Duty[]

As an escort, the Aurora Carrier is very formidable but she is rather difficult to capture due to the large crew. One of the advantages of having them as an escort is that you do not need to pay for the fighters they have lost in a battle. Because of their railguns they will also prefer to stay outside of combat as a artillery platform to support its fighters.

As with all carrier-type escorts the Aurora Carrier needs her orders regularly changed from "Attack" to anything else. Phoenixes that have ran out of missiles will not restock their missiles while "Attack" orders are in effect.


The Aurora Carrier model was made by Scott Vardy, with textures from both Scott and Stephen Chick and a little cleanup from Dave Williams.


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Ship Spins[]

This ship has one set with 36 frames.

  • Ship: 184x184
  • Engine: 184x184

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