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The Aurora Cruiser is an Auroran ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"The Auroran people's first attempt to create a large war vessel is still their most successful. The Aurora Cruiser mounts immense firepower in the form of 100mm and 200mm Railguns, a broadside of FPC batteries, and anti-fighter chainguns. It does have somewhat weak artificial gravity, however, which is compensated for by a rotating living section. It also has the most basic of thrust engines, which produce abysmal top speed and acceleration, even for a capital ship." ― Buying a Cruiser

"The Cruiser's captain eyes you with a mix of defiance and unspoken challenge. "Death is our stock in trade. If you are going on a dangerous mission, and are happy to pay for our up-keep, we will be happy to come with you and kill your enemies. Unless of course you are an enemy of our House, in which case you would be advised not to try and double-cross us, or I will personally take great delight in feeding you your own entrails."" ― Hiring a Cruiser

Gameplay Analysis

"The Auroran Cruiser is a nicely well-rounded ship -- its speed is somewhat mediocre, but it's a capital ship, so it's expected. It has Fusion Pulse Batteries and Chainguns for close range, missiles and Railguns for long range, and heavy armor for defense. Two or three sitting in a system, operating as weapon platforms, can be quite dangerous." ― EVula Survival Guide

The aurora cruiser is extremely effective at long range, frequently shredding ships before they can even bring their guns to bear. However, at close range they are extremely susceptible to attack from even small ships, such as the Valkyrie or Striker, especially from behind as it's turrets cannot fire backwards.

While the shields are pathetic, its armor rating is one of the highest in the game. This is, of course, both a good and a bad thing, since it is disabled at 10% of its hull, which effectively means that it has 1485 in armor instead of 1650. This doesn't mean it is any less good as a weapon platform, however, since it has an insane weapon range and missile armament.

It is recommended to not pilot the ship yourself, because of its limited speed and maneuverability, and since its shield capacity is so low it also means you will have to repair it at a planet quite often after a firefight. The most profitable way is to have them as an escort, since they are quite abundant in Auroran space, and Houseless will frequently have them as well. It will then act like a very formidable sniper, knocking back smaller ships due to its railguns, and can even put a dent into larger ships, especially if you combine it with EMP torpedos.

The only problem that might appear using this tactic is that it might be difficult to capture them, due to their large crew capacity. But if you have a fairly large ship (such as the Unrelenting, if you joined the Pirate storyline) with several Marine Platoons, you might be able to do it.

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