The Auto-Machine Gun Bug is a bug introduced in 1.10 due to an engine change. It gets its name from a now obsolete exploit known as Machine Gunning, which achieved the same effect though required the user to cause it. The bug works with beams that have a count longer than their reload. This results in the game firing the beam again before it vanishes, whereas in previous versions the game would wait until the beam vanished before firing again. This results in continuous fire stacking the beam on top of itself, multiplying its strength by the number of stacked beams. The end result is a weapon that does more damage and consume more ammo or energy than originally intended. Beams affected are the Flower of Spring, Summer Bloom, Winter Tempest, and Capacitor Pulse Laser, though the last beam only gets boosted for a couple of frames at most, so its boost is negligible. The Autumn Petal, being the only Vell-os beam not to be affected, has consequently become the most useless Vell-os weapon.

Qaanol released a set of plug-ins that fix this and the 1 = X Bug.

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