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Biorelay Laser on a Manta

"The BioRelay is a thin laser beam weapon mounted in the framework of Striker and Manta vessels. The BioRelay is a series of cellular storage capacitors that discharge linearly to provide a steady power curve for the beam. As such, the heat generated from the laser body is minimal, which keeps the size down for the Manta and Striker, and yet packs a punch compared to packeted weapons such as the Federation blasters."

The BioRelay Laser is powerful beam gun that is mounted on the Manta, Striker, and Zephyr. It causes devastating damage to most ships and also comes in a turreted form. This weapon is a valuable addition to any arsenal, but its primary drawback is the annoying beeping sound it makes when it fires.


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Turreted BioRelay Laser on a Dragon

"The TBRL is a special variant of the Polaris BioRelay Laser. It is mounted on the Polaris Dragon as a primary weapon. This weapon is used rather than the more powerful pulse laser, so as to limit the potential damage were a Dragon to fall into unfriendly hands; a good scientist can unravel much from a working sample of an enemy weapon."

The Turreted BioRelay Laser is a turreted variant of the Bio-Relay Laser. It is mounted on the Dragon as a primary weapon.

Gameplay Tips

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Adding extra Bio-Relay Laser units to a ship does not produce extra damage as expected. This is a known bug which affects most instantaneous beam weapons. There are user-contributed plugins that fix this.

Many players use the Turreted BioRelay Laser as an anti-fighter weapon on large, slow ships such as the Raven due to its accuracy and power.

You must have completed part of the Polaris Storyline to purchase these outfits.

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