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The Bureau Storyline of EV Nova is ideal for players that wish to rule the galaxy as sovereign.


In the Bureau intro missions, you begin by running 'highly needed' weapons to Federation border outposts, allegedly due to an Auroran build-up but actually to facilitate a future invasion. You're then invited to work for the Bureau, whereupon you retrieve several enemy spies and terrorists. Finally, you're sent to apprehend a politician who wished to meet with the Rebellion.

During the Bureau main story, you lead a Federation task force to distract the Moash army so that their leaders can be captured on their home planet. You complete negotiations to vassalize the Moash House as a subject of the Bureau and carry messages detailing a plot to eliminate the other Auroran families. You're reassigned to uncover the Rebels plot: they're meeting with the Federation president. In retaliation, you lead a Federation task force to destroy the Rebels base.

In the final Bureau missions, you bring the Federation president back under the thumb of the Bureau, open diplomatic ties with the Polaris as a result of the devastation of the Aurorans, enable the assassination of the Polaris leader to foil their attempt at enlightening the Federation, lead the Aurorans to war against the Polaris and finally destroy a Polaris cruiser before it can reach Earth.


Intro Missions[]

Merrol Missions[]

  • Jay: Merrol's jovial dock-master. Doesn't like to be disturbed during his time off. Is grateful for the assistance you provide to the Rebellion.
  • Burton: a food wholesaler in the organized Las Vegas marketplace that is willing to sell food to unknown people. Gives a fair bargain.
  • Arpad: an equipment vendor in the disorganized Menin marketplace who is willing to sell with no questions asked. Appears to be a better negotiator than Burton.
  • Anna: a rebel informant who believes her cover has been compromised.
  • Cade 'Sundown' Smart: a "retired" general who is now working for the Rebellion. A brilliant tactician who saved the Federation from the Auroran onslaught after taking the reigns away from his incompetent predecessor. Appears to congratulate you after rescuing an agent.
  • Fiona: a new rebel informant who needs to be inserted into her new job.

Main Story[]

Final Missions[]

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