Sprite Cambrian

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This page is for comparing the stats of the Polaris Cambrian's variants.

Comparison of variant statistics

Green/red numbers compare the variant's stat to the stats of the basic model. The basic model is Cambrian #160.

ID 160 268
Title Normal Tunneling
Buy%/Cost 100%/2.5M 90%/2.5M
Hire%/Cost 90%/250k 80%/250k
Upgrade/Cost N/A N/A
Speed 250 250
Acceleration 200 200
Turning 20 20
Shields/Regen 675/45 675/45
Armor/Regen 115/5 115/5
Disabled at Armor % 33% 33%
Max Ion/Deionize 300/60 300/60
Total Outfits 0t 2t
Cargo Space 3500t 3500t
Guns 1 1
Turrets 0 0
Outfits 1 Tunneling Organ
Fuel 1200 (12 jumps) 1200 (12 jumps)
Mass 6000t 6000t
Length 475m 475m
Crew 15 15
Jump Speed 100% 125%
Fast Jumping? Can Jump Without Slowing
Displays Shields/Armor? Shields only Shields only
Strength 175 175
AI Type 1 - Wimpy Trader 1 - Wimpy Trader
Flees when out of ammo? Yes Yes
AvailBits !(b424 | b324) b324
Appear On !b324 b324
OnPurchase b8888 b8888
OnCapture b8888 b8888

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