The Tre'pira are the worker caste of Polaris society and, as such, the largest in terms of scope and population. They are distinguished by their white robes. The headquarters of their caste is located on Tre'ar Pira in the Tre'pirana system.

The Polaris caste system typically puts the Tre'pira very high in the social hierarchy, as they are often seen being treated with great respect by other caste members.

Tre'pira can be seen within Polaris spce piloting the Polaran freighter ships, the Cambrian and Sprite. These ships are virtually defenseless, as the Tre'pira can safely rely on any threat being eliminated at the Nil'kemorya border systems. Interior Polaran space is fully removed from outside threats in all but the most extreme of circumstances, leading to ships with no need for armaments or escorts.

The Tre'pira are also the primary inhabitants of the massive ring-world, Tre'ar Helonis. The gigantic surface of the ringworld, which completely encircles the star it is orbiting, provides agriculture for the entire Polaran civilization. Even so, the Tre'Pira utilize less than 1% of the space available on Tre'ar Helonis. It is speculated that the agricultural output of Tre'ar Helonis could be hypothetically expanded to feed the entirety of humanity throughout known space.

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