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Civilian is a ancient term for a non-military person or activity. It implies a clear distinction between the two categories, which is more useful and easily observed in theory than in space. As Captain Liobar once observed, "When you're busy dodging Hellhounds, the difference between civilian and military doesn't seem to matter as much."

As far as the Federation is concerned, civilian seems to mean "a cheaper, low-performance version of military grade hardware (e.g., Civilian Radar Jammer) that we are willing to let you buy as long as you have a license."


  • We wish only to trade peacefully amongst all peoples.
  • We sell a good product, we buy at a good price. Of course we make a little money for ourselves, but not too much, eh?
  • We travel wherever there is profit to be made.
  • Greetings from a fellow Captain of Commerce.
  • How's the wife and kids?
  • How's things at home?
Nova Civilians
Civilians Civilian Ships: Cargo Drone (v) (i) 2k as escort only, Shuttle (v) (i) 10k, Heavy Shuttle (v) (i) 17.5k, Viper (v) (i) 80k, Asteroid Miner (i) 150k, Terrapin (v) (i) 150k, Lightning (WG) (v) (i) 250k, Thunderhead (v) (i) 300k, Valkyrie (v) (i) 350k, Star Liner (v) (i) 500k, Starbridge (v) (i) 600k (Modified (v) (i) 750k), IDA Frigate (v) (i) 750k, Pegasus (v) (i) 2M, Leviathan (v) (i) 12M
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