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Escape Velocity: Nova (c)1996-2005 Ambrosia Software, Inc.

Registered to:


Engine Programming:

    Matt Burch

Concepts, Plot, Dialogue, Scenario implementation, Graphics, Sound production & supervision, Boolean illogic and anything else we've forgotten:

    ATMOS Software Productions


    Luke "Nuada" Smart
    Stephen "-8-" Chick
    Philip "particlestan" Chick
    Jason "Frandall" Cook
    Scott "Eyeya" Vardy
    Jarrod "wooly_mammoth" Rainsford
    Paul "DalSoth" Pentecost
    Dafydd "pipeline" Williams

Tools Programming:

    Ralph "Dr.Ralph" Sutherland

Ambrosia Software Inc. is:

    Andrew Welch -- El Presidente
    Matt Slot -- Bitwise Operator
    Dominic Feira -- Code Monkey
    Mike Blaguszewski -- Cocoa Hacker
    Bernard Cockhern -- Financial Manager
    David Dunham -- Technical Services Manager
    Charlene Poletto -- Reception
    John Champlin -- Giver of Codes
    Marcus Conge -- Digital Crayon Boy
    Benjamin Adams -- Lord of the Root

Additional artwork:

    Adam Burch

Alpha testing:

    Rodger Sutherland

Beta testing:

    Bill "Jericon" Gunty
    David Arthur
    Mark "ElGuapo7" Hedberg
    Mark "Captain Scurvy" Longanbach
    Tim "ArcAngelCounterstrike" Taylor
    Eric "EVula" Ventress
    Tom "Woozle" Anthony
    Neil "Pring" Inglis
    Michael "Blackfern" Williams
    Ben Heffron
    Jon "Gildor" Pearse
    Alex "Durandal7"  Blakesley
    Robert "forge" Drejer
    Shayon "shayborg" Ghosh
    Christian "Carnotaur" Pautsch
    Stuart "Blazer" Nealy
    Matt "And Adrienne" Walicke
    Phillip "blackhole" Hutchings
    Seth "Glueboi" Claus
    Kevin Jordan
    Rob "Bomb" Shabarekh
    Siddhartha "coldfusion" Bajracharya
    Michael "Begemotike" Miller
    Aj "Slug" Williams
    Robin "Zelda" Pollock
    Bee "Kwanza" Thao
    Nathan "Smithly-Bill" Swartze
    Stephan Somogyi
    Michael Judkins
    Sean "Emunix" Watters
    Greg "Chamrin" Richardson
    Ben "ShadeOfBlue" Garrett
    Tony "Basher" Burton
    Conor Holness
    Will "spamguy" Oram
    Matt "Slagblah" Bowen
    Mark "mrxak" Petcavage
    Timothy "Pikeman" Wright
    Russell Quintero
    Adam "Gage Stryker" Burwash

Windows beta testing:

    Joel Alexander
    Paul Bartlett
    Chris Bass
    Josh Belanger
    Aj Bhadelia
    David Blackman-Mathis
    Sean Boyles
    Felix Brooks
    Tony Brown
    Niels Burlage
    Steven Castanien
    Mary Cook
    James Czajka
    Steven Dengler
    Max Epstein
    Gregory Finkelstein
    John Ford
    Ben Garrett
    Brian Gershkoff
    Joseph Gester
    Paul Go
    Tim Grubbs
    Bill Gunty
    Sean Hammond
    Adrian Hayes
    Jesiah Heiberg
    Cameron Howey
    Mathew Hunter
    Esten Hurtle
    Phillip Hutchings
    Devik Kym
    Tim Lewis
    Anthony LiPetri
    Robert Masson
    Kelsey McCune
    Nick Neill
    Michael Nestler
    Jack Pellinen
    Charles Pinnell
    Joshua Price
    Sean Raines
    Kevin Roberts
    Toren Smith
    Adam Sommerfield
    Kirk Staley
    Leigh Stillard
    James Titmuss
    Maurice Toich
    Ian Warner
    Kenny Webb
    Dan White
    Tim Wright
    Yuan Yao
    Heero Yuy
    Mike Zeman

Nebula Images:

    R. Sutherland, M. Bessell,
    Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, ANU

Environmental Sounds:

    R. Sutherland, E. Slater

Weapon Sounds:

    Jonathan Elliot

Vocal & Ambient Sound Production:

    Paul Goodwin

Vocal Talent:

    Hannah "Madame Floozy" Chick
    Deborah "Lenoré" Chick
    Erik Sogn

Grammar & Editing:

    Neil "The Antiquarian" Chick
    Cathryn Gurrin

RezLib Copyright (c) 2001 by Ian Ollmann

Portions based on SpriteWorld, Copyright (c) 1995-2000 by Vern Jensen, Karl Bunker, and Anders Björklund

Special Thanks To:

The partners and spouses of the development team, for putting up with our crap, late nights, etc.

ATMOS would also like to thank Andrew "El Presidente" Welch for being the moki on our back, and for believing an untried development team from the other side of the world could make a game.

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