The Dechtakars or Rimertans are a semi-neutral group in the Auroran Empire, headquartered on Rimerta in the Pimen System. They are unique in that their warriors are drawn from the five Auroran houses. They serve to keep the peace within the Empire, and their warriors are trusted by all houses to remain impartial.


  • We serve a higher order than ourselves.
  • If we die serving Aurora, then we have died as we should.
  • Duty, Courage, Honor, Integrity and Impeccability. These are what we believe in.
  • We were born poor and weak. We have survived, and we are now strong.
  • Our lives only have meaning if we spend them defending the Empire.
  • We have few friends and many enemies, but we will strive on nonetheless.
  • Until death we will spend all our effort in protecting our civilisation, and beyond death we will strive as we can.
  • Beware the Federation. At their best they are deceptive. At their worst they are downright treacherous.
  • We fight any and all who wish to bring harm to the leaders of the Empire.
  • Today, like any other day, is a good day to die.
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