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The Polaris Dragon is a Polaris ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"The Dragon is a strange ship by Polaris standards, but a much more conventional weapon than their other creations. The Dragon's main biological component is the self-repairing skin that also acts as an etheric wave hyperdrive. Apart from that, most of the ship is conventional, if somewhat high-tech. It mounts twin wraithii cannon as its standard weapon, and has excellent speed and agility. It is the only Polaris vessel sold to outsiders, and then only to trusted friends of the Polaris." ― Buying a Dragon
"You are made welcome aboard this small Dragon, and the crew ask many questions about your homeland. They return to order as soon as the Nil'kimas starts your tour. "The Dragon is a ship meant primarily for our allies," says the young-looking Nil'kimas who takes you on your tour. "If this ship should fall into enemy hands, they would glean little from her, as she is mostly... 'conventional' in her layout." She looks mildly amused. "The Wraith cannon will self-destruct if tampered with, and the etheric wake skin will rot if the ship should fall."" ― Hiring a Dragon

Gameplay Analysis

"This is a very nice medium-range warship. Not fancy in any one area, it's just kinda nice all around. If you are looking for a good Polaris ship to get for yourself, though, pass this one on by." ― EVula Survival Guide
The Dragon is pretty much good as a temporary ship; while you're going along the Polaris strings, this ship is a notch above the Striker in terms of firepower, so it makes a good frigate.

There is a Rebel version of the Dragon that appears in two known variants. Rumor has it that the Rebels acquired it through industrial espionage.

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