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Drop Bear Repellent

"You are a little dubious as to the veracity of the claims of this shifty, grinning merchant trying to sell you bottles of Auroran Drop Bear repellant. But you cannot help feeling that anything that helps protect you from the well-documented deadly Drop Bear attacks will stand you in good stead.
Still, it is strange that just about everyone who walks past you starts grinning and shaking their heads as you consider buying from the smiling merchant...

Those who claim that Aurorans have no sense of humor have not visited an Auroran outfitter selling Drop Bear Repellent. This expensive compound is sold primarily on planets that see large numbers of outlanders. It is marketed through lurid displays that detail the horror of drop bear attacks and claim great efficacy in repelling the varmints. (This efficacy does not extend to a money-back guarantee, however.)


Drop bear attacks do occur on some Auroran planets, but not only does it not reduce the chances of attack, but rather it increases it. A drop bear attack invariably results in a hospital stay lasting several weeks and a large (some would say extortionate) bill. This bill is not a set sum, but is based on your account balance on the date the attack occurs, so beware especially to those of means, lest you see millions disappear from your account overnight.

Of course, if you have some rank granting a signifigant salary, it is possible to gain money after a Drop Bear attack, due to the large amount of time passed.

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