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Escape Velocity: Eon is a total conversion for EV Nova currently being developed by King_of_Manticores. King_of_Manticores was impressed with EV Nova, and when he tried out Polycon EV, he wanted to try making an amazing plug-in for EV Nova.


EV Eon will take place 1,000 years into the future, switching from NC to NE, standing for New Eon. Many new factions arise, such as the Purifiers, and war still continues. More of the story can be found on the homepage, listed below.


Of course, no EV Nova conversion would be complete without governments. There are six major ones, and more coming. The ones in the plug-in are:


NOVA in EV Eon was the Federation. The Vell-os broke free of the Bureau, and, teaming up with the Rebels, defeated the Bureau. Both sides joined the Federation, making up three-fourths of NOVA. The last fourth came from the fact that the Federation forced the Wild Geese to join them. Their storyline involves working with the Vell-os president to eradicate their enemies and to ally with the Anxon Rebels to destroy the Dirivel Republic.


The Aurorans become the Spartans in the future. The Spartans become more technologically advanced in the future, but still not enough to defeat NOVA. When you work for them, you must lead them to destroy their adversaries.


As with the original EV Nova, pirates appear again to steal from unsuspecting traders. Their "brothers", the Free Traders, entirely destroyed the Association, and no one has tried to stop the pirates from their dirty work. This government's story involves working with a very famous pirate engineer to bring back the Association and to end the pirates' illegal work.


The Dragonoleovans were a genetically created race made by the Polarans. Their appearance is human, but they also have wings coming out of their backs.

The Dragonoleovans are religious in the way that they think they are in a heaven that is polluted by demons (basically, their enemies). This people believe that must clean out the heaven by destroying the demons in order to live peacefully. In other words, the Dragonoleovans want to destroy every government except themselves to live peacefully.


Polaris in the future ends when NOVA and Spartan nearly destroy them, and the last Polaran was killed when the Dragonoleovans learned they were just slaves to the Polaris and wanted revenge on them for treating them so. The Purifiers replace the Polaris. When Vell-os disgusted with NOVA and any other government left into uninhabited space, the leader of the disgusted Vell-os, Fe'Rali, claimed to have seen an angel who commanded them to clean out the universe, hence the name 'Purifiers'.

The Purifiers use ships with parts from the organics left by the Polaris Invasion. Their technology is much better than any government, but the space they occupy is small.

Dirivel Republic[]

During the war against NOVA, there was internal strife between the Heraani. A soldier was allowed to perform an action that warriors could not do. Because of this action, the soldier was supposed to be condemned to death. Many of the Heraan on the soldier's side deserted the Spartans due to the fact that they were getting very tired of the code of honor that the Spartan warriors had to follow. The Republic was created east of Spartan space.

The Dirivel are somewhat cruel in ruling. Many of the planets describe that there are not too many people living on them even though they are big because people did not like the way the Dirivel sometimes did things, like taking families' sons when there were only 15 to train them to become fighter pilots.

The Dirivel Republic is the sworn enemy of both the Anxonians and the Spartans: the Anxonians hate them because they wanted to stay independent, and the Spartans believe that the Dirivel is so shameful that to get rid of their shame they must all die.

Anxon Rebellion[]

When the Heraan warriors deserted the Spartans, some wanted to be independent people. They went south of Spartan space and created a trading colony. However, when the Dirivel started fighting the Spartans, they wanted more systems and planets under their control to seem more fierce. They tried capturing the traders' colonies, and succeeded. Infuriated by what they did, five men, the founding members of the Anxon Rebellion, revolted and took back their planets. They hated what the Dirivel did and what they were doing and decided to put an end to it.

The Anxon appropriated blueprints from NOVA space to create old fighting ships. The Dirivel were no match for their ships, but when the larger Dirivel ships were created, the Anxon realized they needed help. It took a very long time, but they finally allied with NOVA.

Anxonian ships are old, like the Porsche Valkyrie. However, their ships are very powerful, and can be earned by working for their storyline, which has missions that include weakening Dirivian borders and utilizing technology granted to them by NOVA to defeat their sworn enemy.


The team needs ideas for the total conversion!!!!! If you have an amazing weapon, outfit, ship, and whatnot you'd like to present to us, go to the discussion page and write your idea down in the sections listed. I'll check it and see if I like it, discuss with my friends about it, and if we do like it, it will appear in EV Eon. Go and edit the discussion page if you want to give us an idea.

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