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Phoenix was a planned Total Conversion for Escape Velocity Nova. Lunar Productions staff began work in November 2002 and ended sometime after 2007.

Work on Phoenix was originally intended as a way to improve it's creator's 3D modeling skills and storyline writing. The authors abandoned their "Evil Moon People" and "Wraith Campaign" plug-ins to work on Phoenix.


  • 6 major campaigns set in a completely new game universe
  • 13 minor campaigns
  • Entirely new graphics
  • Fast-paced and deadly ship combat
  • A fully realized and coherent galaxy with numerous alien races, all with multiple internal factions and motivations
  • 3D full-motion cutscenes


The game begins in the late 23rd century, after a deadly conflict between the Earth-backed inner colonies and the pirate-backed outer colonies prompted a group of intellectuals and counter-culturalists to flee known space towards the star Procyon. A nearby supernova cut off communication between the Procyon Expedition and the Terran Alliance, and Earth believe the Expedition destroyed. The Procyon expedition, in turn, had as their last message from Earth a report of a strange, hostile fleet of invading ships.

The player begins in the Procyon Cluster, where a tenuous and fragile government formed in the aftermath of the Procyon Expedition is beginning to tackle the scientific and logistic problems associated with finding out the fate of Earth.

The player has the option of siding with one of six factions, where he or she must battle ancient interstellar empires, entreat with fantastic alien races, or take sides in a psychic war that has consumed entire planets. At his or her disposal is one of dozens of different vessels armed with weapons ranging the spectrum from tiny plasma cannons to massive blackhole generators.

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