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EVN: Starcraft was a vaporware Total Conversion for EV Nova by 0101181920.

Development began in late July with an idea for a gameplay style, and then quickly developed into it's own project. The goal of this TC is to transform EVN into Starcraft. Unfortunately, due to conflicting abilities in the two game engines, several things have had to be cut from units and general gameplay. Your unit is an SCV, and your goal is to win the battle. You do this by harvesting minerals during a battle, and using those to purchase new technology and buildings at your base, a Command Center. For instance, you can gather 150 minerals, use those to purchase a Barracks, and deploy that on the battlefield, where it will create and deploy Marines, Firebats, and Ghosts, depending on which prerequisites you have. You also have the opportunity to buy upgrades for your units, such as Lockdown and U-235 shells. However, there are differences in gameplay because of limitations.

  • There is no Siege Mode. Sorry, can't figure it out.
  • Lockdown is just a very potent ionizer. No way around it.
  • Arbiter is scrapped. The abilities are impossible to replicate, and it's useless as a fighting unit.
  • Science Vessel might be scrapped. Unsure at this point.
  • Nuke is gone. Very sorry. Would be awesome, but impossible.
  • Carrier won't be able to regenerate its Interceptors.
  • Reaver will just have a very slow firing rate, not a regenerating ammo stock.
  • Many others that have not yet been encountered, challenged, and failed.
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