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EV Nova: United Galactic Federation was a Total Conversion for Escape Velocity Nova created by StarSword. EVN:UGF started a thousand years after the end of the Rebel storyline, and combines the EVN universe with material from the sci-fi writings of Aaron Davis (StarSword's real name).


  • A vast universe comprising something along the lines of three or four galaxies' worth of systems (hence "United Galactic Federation"), along with MANY sentient races (though the player will be a human in the first version).
  • 7 major storylines and an as-yet-undetermined multitude of minor ones.
  • Fast-paced combat and mission sequences.


Major Factions[]

Key: Each entry is headed by a brief overview of the government's position in the political arena, and a small tidbit about the storyline.

special items the player can expect to find at outfitters
Essentially what the government classifies its vessels as. Military ships come first, followed by civilian ships after the semicolon.
Military Headquarters
The primary language spoken in this government's territory.

The United Galactic Federation[]

The UGF is by far the largest government in EVN:UGF, and comprises nearly 983 trillion citizens in parts of three galaxies. Its military might is nearly unsurpassed, but the UGF considers it a point of pride not to go to war unless forced.

At the highest level, the UGF is ruled by a popularly elected president who serves up to two five-year terms; a Senate where each sector gets three senators; and a judicial branch headed by the Supreme Court. There is also a High Council which can, at the formal request of any two of the three branches, exercise absolute power for up to a month at a time. The High Council is composed of professional diplomats from 25 different sectors, and rotates once every five years. In the storyline, the player becomes part of the United Galactic Navy's Intelligence Department, eventually rising to the rank of Admiral. The UGF also includes several member governments which have their own lines of starships.

Lasers, high-precision missiles, good ECM
Command ships, destroyers, battlecruisers, frigates, gunboats, bombers, stealth fighters, fleet tenders (upgraded light freighters); a half a zillion types of civilian ships
Luminous (Twin Stars System)
Military Headquarters
Earth (Sol System)

The Varellavite Imperium[]

The UGF's Milky Way neighbors to the west, past the former Vell-os territory and Delphi Sector, the Varellavites are aquatic humanoids of over 2.5 meters in height. They are not as technologically advanced as the UGF. Though the Varellavites are the most numerous species, the Imperium also includes the Obralans, the Katagans, and the Vhusaeds.

Theoretically the Varellavite Imperium is led by a parliament and constitutional monarchy. In practice, however, much of the Imperium's power is in the hands of the Masterminds, a cabal of scheming tacticians, politicians, and scientists. In the storyline, the player first joins the Varellavite Imperial Navy, then becomes a Shadowfighter (a Varellan commando). He or she can then choose whether to join and eventually lead the Masterminds, or serve Emperor Ulus Korrist and help to "remove" them.

Unguided rockets, poor missiles, weak ECM
carriers, battlecruisers, bombers, fighters; light freighter, heavy freighter
Varellanil (Duklad Varell System)
Military Headquarters
VIN SS1 (Duklad Varell System)

The Ganbar Empire[]

The UGF's neighbors to the west in the Andromeda Galaxy, the Ganba are a rodent species approximately 1.3 meters in height. They have technological and numerical parity with the UGF, though their most powerful warships, the Ganbar Command Cruisers, can't take on UGN command ships one-on-one and expect to win. (They'll do a good bit of damage before they go down, however.)

Only eleven years before the start of the game in 1002 GSD, relations between the Empire and the UGF were quite friendly. However, after a religious uprising in Ganba space (the so-called "Kobor Insurrection"), things changed: the UGF granted political asylum to the Kobor leader (who really had nothing to do with the rebellion), and Emperor Tazzo responded by breaking off relations. Now the UGF and the Ganbar Empire are enemies. The player becomes a Ganba intelligence agent.

Mass drivers, neutron beams, dual-guidance missiles, powerful ECM
command cruisers, escort carriers, destroyers, heavy interceptors, light interceptors; heavy transport, light transport
Gan (Gan System)
Military Headquarters
Basic. (Ganbar is used mainly in ceremonial functions.)

The Klavar Republic[]

The Klavarese are a near-human species with gray skin, dark hair, and glowing red eyes. They have technological parity with the UGF, though are far outnumbered. (This has no real bearing, however, as the Klavarese are a Galactic ally.) In combat, the Klavarese are deadly, partly because their maser weapons have an annoying tendency to knock incoming ships off -course. Their ships are tough and durable, though their weaponry is, on the whole, slightly weaker than the Galactic equivalent, and they have nothing suited to bombarding planets. The Klavar Republic is located in east-central Andromeda.

Culturally, the Klavarese have a tendency toward greed, and political corruption is a perennial problem in the Republic. Their main foes are the neighboring Axe-tails, particularly renegade warriors. The player becomes part of the Klavar Republic Navy.

masers, high-precision missiles, ion weapons, high-powered sensors, decent ECM
fighters, picket ships, destroyers, battlecruisers; transports, bulk freighters, diplomatic transports
Klavarus II (Klavarus System)
Military Headquarters
Klavarus IIb (Klavarus System)

The Balcrusian People's Republic[]

Balcrusians are tall humanoids with purple skin, clawed hands, taloned feet, and stalk eyes that vary in color depending on what planet the individual was born on. They have a low population for a major government, so they make up for it by making their ships mostly automated. Over the years they have become even more adept at robotics than the UGF. In combat, they are aggressive and tenacious. Their capital ships are slow, but are heavily defended and armed and can turn surprisingly quickly. Their fighters are fast, agile ... and cannon fodder against Black Knight stealth fighters, the staple fighter of the United Galactic Navy.

The fascist BPR overthrew the Balcrusian Empire in the same year the UGF was founded, and is now a dangerous enemy on the UGF's eastern Milky Way border. Much to the BPR's chagrin, there is a strong Balcrusian refugee community in the UGF's central sectors, and one of the largest Galactic defense contractors, Magnum Dynamics, Incorporated, is headed by a pair of Balcrusian brothers. The player becomes a Scimitar, the deadly commandoes of the BPR.

plasma cannons, medium-accuracy missiles, unguided cutting weapons, high-tech robotics
unmanned fighters, manned fighters, fighter-bombers, corvettes, Marauders (heavy warship); transports, freighters
Balcruz (Cruz System)
Military Headquarters
Fencruz (Fenther System)

The Axe-tail Star Empire[]

At first glance, Axe-tails look like humans, until you notice their tails. They are long and sinuous, and end in bony blades which they keep wickedly sharp. The Axe-tails, though they have a deeply ingrained warrior culture and an entrenched noble class, are surprisingly egalitarian, politically speaking. An Axe-tail warrior earns merit by deed, not by birth; even the Emperor's whelps (as the Axe-tails call their children), must spend time at the bottom of the heap. Located on the northeast corner of the Andromeda Galaxy, they battle both the UGF and the Klavarese.

About three thousand years ago, the Axe-tails fought a war with the defunct Holy Sathu Commonwealth and lost badly. In the aftermath the Axe-tails fell into a backward state of tribal warfare which lasted two millennia. Then twin priest-queens, Ra'kor and Ravirr, used both diplomacy and military might to unify their people. Ra'kor's descendants lead the Empire now, as Ravirr, though the elder, bore no heirs. First contact with the UGF occurred only seven years before the start of the game, and sadly ended in bloodshed. The player becomes a catspaw for the creative, liberal-thinking High Admiral Lord Valdor Kurrukh.

proton and photon weapons, antimatter missiles, quantum weapons, high-powered ECM, cloaking devices
fleet carriers, cruisers, arbiters (used by the Ministry of Justice), prowlers, fighter-bombers, interceptors, probes; light freighters, heavy freighters, robotic shuttles
Axor Drek (Axor System)
Miltary Headquarters
Shakur Station (Shakur System)
Common and High Axorian

Criminal Groups[]

No Escape Velocity game is complete without space pirates. In EVN:UGF, they're all over the place and fly all manner of ships. In the Pirate storyline, the player joins the a pirate group named Barney's Bandits (no relation to purple dinosaurs) and rises to eventually become head of the organization.

Your basic, run-of-the-mill pirate, unaffiliated with any of the major criminal groups.
La Famiglia Rosenberg
Don't let the lingual confusion between Italian words and Yiddish names fool you -- the Rosenbergs are not to be toyed with. The Rosenbergs are more a crime syndicate than a pirate group. In addition to having their hands in what seems like half the tills in the northwestern Milky Way, they are the undisputed masters of illegal starship upgrades. Any ship whose classification begins in "Pirate" came from the docks at Black Rose Station in the NGC-1003 System.
Vibroaxe Death Knights
Led by a rogue Galactic privateer named Yapeel, the Vibroaxes are arch-enemies of Rico's Revenants. Based out of Vibroaxe Station in the Marcos System. The Galactic Department of Justice has a bounty of 400,000 credits on Yapeel, dead or alive.
Rico's Revenants
The Revenants are much feared near Novo Portugal, and are led by Affonso Rico. Bloodthirsty and well equipped thanks to frequent business with the Rosenbergs, they have a long-running blood feud with the Vibroaxe Death Knights. Based on Khufu Station in the Pharaoh System.
Barney's Bandits
The pirate group the player joins. Led by Barney the Kid (a play on his real name, Bernard Theodore Kidd), a former United Galactic Marine Corps colonel who was less-than-honorably discharged for dereliction of duty. Nevertheless, his subordinates never attack Galactic ships, and will in fact come to their aid (though UGN ships don't often reciprocate). Based on Baudelaire III in the Baudelaire System.
Renegade Warriors
Honor is the true currency of the Axe-tail Star Empire. A warrior who commits a crime severe enough that a civilian would be imprisoned, but not severe enough to get the literal ax, is stripped of all honor and respect and expelled from the Empire. Years ago, the renegades began banding together for survival, then started raiding freighters and nearby planets for fuel, food, and ammunition.
Houseless Warriors
These dishonored warriors are identical, in terms of dishonor, to the renegade Axe-tail warriors, but the Houseless are Aurorans.
See also
The Kyrzakagalans

Minor Factions[]

The Orizio Union[]

An independent government in the southeastern Andromeda Galaxy. Politically isolationist, they nevertheless have decent trade relations with the UGF.

fighters, assault bombers, light cruisers, battleships
Orizio (Orizio System)

The Corunian Planetary Alliance (CPA)[]

A founding member government of the UGF. They control four star systems in the north of the Milky Way. Their capital world, Corune, has five sentient species and numerous ancient secrets.

dreadnoughts, battleships, frigates, heavy fighters
Corune (Inora System)

The Baticlearan Federal Republic (BFR)[]

A member government of the UGF since 977 GSD. They control five systems on the south edge of the Milky Way. Baticlearans are a strain of humans that were genetically modified to better live on their high-gravity homeworld.

interceptors, destroyers, cruisers, fleet carriers
Baticlear (Roland System)

The Orion League[]

A founding member government of the UGF, and the Milky Way Union and United Powers League that preceded it. They control a fairly large cluster of worlds in the Orion Nebula. They are dominated by the Orions, a near-human race with green skin, black hair, and telepathic gifts. The Orions intensely dislike the Anz'kalarads (because the Anz'kalarads enslaved them nearly 1,200 years ago), and have strong cultural ties to the Aurorans (because an escaped Orion slave, Varen Harsimili Yalandas, became House Heraan's legendary thurokiir KarHallarn and led the slave rebellion in -3 GSD that not only freed them, but helped win the United Powers War). Piracy is unfortunately rampant in Orion League space, mainly due to the weak leadership of the League's two previous sovereigns.

interceptors, bombers, frigates, assault cruisers, battleships
Orion Major (Orion System)

The Anz'kalarad Principalities[]

A founding member government of the UGF, and the Milky Way Union and United Powers League that preceded it. Their territory neighbors Orion and Auroran space in the southeastern Milky Way. (It's easy to identify an Anz'kalarad-controlled system, as they all have the prefix "Anz".) A thousand years ago they fought a terrible war with humanity, enslaving their captured foes as was their custom. With the help of the previously enslaved Orions, the humans defeated the Anz'kalarads after eleven years of war. The Anz'kalarads, led by a council of "princes" elected by cabals of lords, are well aware that prejudice against them is still strong, and maintain their military only at the level needed to keep themselves secure. (In fact, their battleships have standing orders never to leave Principalities territory without provocation, except when escorting dignitaries.)

fangships (fighters), gunstars (gunships), patrol ships, destroyers, light cruisers, battleships
Kalar (Anz'kalar System)

The Gryphon's Children[]

A rebel faction in the Varellavite Imperium. They seek to defeat the Masterminds and restore power to the Emperor and Parliament. They use standard Varellavite ships.

Gryphos V (Duklad Gryphos System)

The Churgos Revolutionary Front (CRF)[]

A rebel faction in the Ganbar Empire. They seek to halt what they see as a slow power grab by Emperor Tazzo, and restore the full power of the Imperial Constitution and the Parliament. They use standard Ganba ships.

Churgos X (Churgos System)

The Kyrzakagalans[]

A piratical race of interstellar nomads near the CPA, on the northeast border of the UGF in the Milky Way. Friends to no one. The Kyrzakagalans have fought two major wars with the organized governments of the area and continue to raid them. Though they have little concept of tactics or national unity, as each warrior seeks honor first for himself, next for his immediate family, and third for his clan chieftain, they can be dangerous to freighters. Also, the last two times a strong chieftain managed to unite most of the clans (the two Kyrzakagalan Wars), they were difficult to defeat because they wouldn't commit to a decisive battle (you can't get honor if you get yourself killed); during the Second 'Kag War, victory came only after a Galactic commando team assassinated the chieftain. The First 'Kag War happened in the Milky Way Union era, and ended after a clever Union admiral managed to trap them into a decisive battle near a black hole.

fighters, gun platforms, warships

The Klatuans[]

The Klatuans are a race of bronze-skinned reptilians led by religious leaders called Klats. The Klats have been at war for centuries, well before first contact with the Milky Way Union, over theological arguments. Each Klatuan sect believes that theirs is the only valid way to worship. The single biggest sticking point between the three major sects -- Klatus Rozo, Klatus Pterik, and Klatus Gartholin -- is gender roles: the Rozoans are male-dominant, the Pteriks are female-dominant, and the Gartholins believe in gender equality. The constant fighting has left the Klatuans technologically and politically backward, and the majority of Klatuan civilians are tired of it. The UGF, however, has largely given up on attempting to mediate.

caravels, battlewagons
Rozo, Ptera, and Garth

The Turadoc Consortium[]

A minor player in the grand arena, the Turadocs live in the north-central corner of the Andromeda Galaxy, nestled between Galactic and Axe-tail space. They are a culture of merchants, officially neutral and trading with both sides.

Galactic civilian vessels
Turados Major (Turados System)

The Balcrusian Freedom Front[]

The only rebel faction to survive the uprising of 968-969 GSD, the Balcrusian Freedom Front wants to save the Balcrusian people from the BPR's oppression. The Scimitars have been known to shoot people on mere suspicion of supporting the Front. They have long sought Galactic aid, but many captains see providing such aid as suicide.

Standard Balcrusian ships, modified Galactic civilian ships
Kamacruz (Kamar System)

The Conclave[]

These psychically gifted nonhumans are nestled on the Andromeda Galaxy's southern fringe, bordering Galactic and Ganba space. Little is known about the inhabitants of the Conclave, for they consider themselves superior to the rest of the sentients in Known Space, and refuse to "interfere in their development". Some have theorized that they are in fact the vanished Polaris or Vell-os, due to similarities in ship architecture.

Author's note: The Conclave will not be included in the initial release, due to time constraints. It will arrive in a later patch.


Starbound Shipping
A courier service operating throughout Galactic space. You may remember them from the original Escape Velocity. Headquartered on Tau Ceti IV.
Stellar Transport Corporation
A shipping company operating throughout Galactic space. Headquartered on Luna. Based on Stellar Corp. in Escape Velocity: Override. They also operate most of the luxury liners that ply the spacelanes.
Terran Engineering Corporation
A stellar engineering firm based in the Sol System. Originally working out of yards orbiting Saturn, they purchased Sigma Shipyards' facilities in the Kane Band after said competitor went bankrupt in the Depression of 929-936 GSD.
New Japan Shipyards
A major defense contractor, NJS' three main products are the Shinobi-class fighter, the Samurai-class gunship, and the Shogun-class cruiser. Headquartered on New Tokyo in the New Japan System.
Republic Naval Systems
The biggest defense contractor in the UGF, Republic Naval Systems is part of the Republic Group. RNS builds the Apache-class, Aegis-class, and Jupiter-class command ships and the Anaconda-class destroyer for the UGN, and the HF-3 Starhawk heavy fighter for the civilian market. Headquartered on Torgo Prime in the Torgo System.
Republic Heavy Engineering
Another Republic Group subsidiary, RHE builds everything from starliners and bulk freighters to police ships. Headquartered on Torgo II.
Betelgeuse Space Systems
Though a smaller company than the immense Republic Group, BSS doesn't lack for business; it builds the O'Brien-class battlecruiser for the UGN. Headquartered on Betelgeuse Prime in the Betelgeuse System.
Merlin Starcraft Corporation
A very old firm, MSC mainly builds light capital ships like the Chevron and the Kestrel, but it also produces the F/A-80 Foxfire. Headquartered on Codec in the Codehaven System.
Magnum Dynamics, Incorporated
Headed by a pair of Balcrusian expatriates, Mag-Dyn (pronounced "mag-dine") has been a reliable defense contractor for the Galactic military for decades. In addition to building most of their missiles, energy weapons, and defensive subsystems, the company also produces the SF-81A Black Knight, the staple fighter of the UGFC. Headquartered on Kane Station in the Kania System.
Darkwing Security, Ltd.
A mercenary group operating out of the Gamfel System.
United Galactic Hypergate Authority
A Galactic government corporation that runs the hypergate system. Headquartered on Luminous.
Bounty Hunters' Guild
An organization that governs Galactic bounty hunters. Headquartered on Chanbros III.


My e-mail address is starsword@creeksidefarm.org.

A Call For Assistance[]

I have been working on EVN:UGF for several years now all by myself, but to make a finished product I will need people skilled in graphics. Anybody who can help is welcome; contact me at the Nova boards, by e-mail, or on DeviantART.

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