Auroran Enterprise
Auroran Industries Enterprise
General characteristics
Acceleration 200
Turning ability 25
Maximum speed 200
Cost 500,000
Requirements n/a
Technical specifications
Length 55 meters
Shield capacity 300
Armor effectiveness 600
Energy capacity 5 jumps or 500 units
Crew 35
Total mass 255 tons
Free space 50 tons
Cargo space 250 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 4
Turret hard-points Maximum of 2
Standard armament 1 Fusion Pulse Turret
Included outfits Auroran IR Jammer

The Enterprise is the backbone of all Auroran freight movement. About half as wide as a Leviathan is long, the Enterprise carries a fraction of the cargo, and at much higher cost. Nevertheless, the Enterprise has several advantages over the Leviathan and Pegasus, including integrated FPC weaponry (with room for much more), a higher sublight speed, and the ability (in time of strife) to be converted to a passable military ship.


  • Modified: Better speed, armor, and an extra turret slot makes this version superior to the original. Armed 3 Fusion Pulse Turrets.
  • Heavily Modified: Less top speed than its predecessor, but with an increased assortment of weaponry as well as a higher acceleration and turn speed, turning it into a quite well-armed freighter. Armed with 2 200mm Railguns, 1 100mm Turreted Railgun, and 2 Raven Rocket Turrets.


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The Auroran Enterprise is a surprisingly powerful vessel that falls under the freighter category. It might be sluggish, just like the rest of those in its class, but coupled with its sturdy armour and weapon mounts it can, just as the description implies, be used as an (albeit mediocre) offensive tool rather than a commercial one.

Beam weapons fire from the back of the Enterprise, greatly reducing the range and effectiveness of forward-targeted beams. However, this peculiarity does make turreted beams such as the Turreted Bio-Relay Laser more effective when firing to the rear.

Also, weapons fire from the tips of the Enterprises "wings", giving it a huge blind spot in the center.

This craft also comes in a Pirate version, which has considerably more firepower, including support for an additional turret, better shields and armor, and slightly increased speed, but somewhat less cargo space.