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The Heraan House is the only house that a player can really join. During the Auroran String, one joins the Heraan House as a warrior, then works one's way up to Thurokiir.

The Heraan House is the most technologically advanced house, as seen in their development of the Argosy and the Thunderforge. Heraan is the sworn enemy of the first house, the Moash, or 'Moashi Dogs,' as the Heraan people generally put it.

Heraan's insignia is the stylized green silhouette of a heron.

The Heraan System

This House is headquartered on the planet Heraan in the system of the same name. Said system also contains a Heraani military station called Resolution, along with a hypergate that leads to the Gateway, Aurora, and Moash Systems.

The planet Heraan has the highest population of any planet in Known Space (over 220 billion). As such, Heraan is extremely polluted, and the major commodities are quite expensive, industrial goods in particular.


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The Heraan house is involved in five storylines, with the exception being the Pirate string.

In the Federation and Vell-os strings, Heraan is bombed to the Stone Age by a joint Federal-Moashi attack, along with the Tekel, Vella, and Dani capitals. This makes it one of four planets in the game that can be dominated and does not have a defense fleet. However if you try to dominate it before it is bombed it will have a defence fleet.

As was stated previously, in the Auroran string, the player becomes a warrior of the Heraan house.

In the Rebellion and Polaris strings, the player works alongside the Heraani on a number of occasions.


  • We serve the House of Heraan. We strive to restore honor and justice to the Empire.
  • May our actions bring honor to ourselves, our House and our Empire.
  • We fight to prove ourselves. For if we do not challenge ourselves we will grow soft and complacent.
  • Our biggest fight is within our soul. We strive to attain impeccability, and we will wrestle with it until we die.
  • We toil towards bringing about the full glory of the Empire.
  • The House of Moash, the First Family, has lost its honor, and we fight to remove it from its position.
  • Our nation has become headless. The First Family has led our Empire into decadence and complacency. We fight to restore it to its pre-eminence.
  • Be aware that our House will lead our Empire to greatness through strength, honor and intelligence.
  • So, you hail from the Federation. What is it you want?
  • We have heard many things about the Polaris, all of them good. One day we will test ourselves against them.
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