The Houseless are a desperate, ruthless gang of disgraced Auroran warriors. Rejected by their respective houses and shorn of their purpose in life, they turn pirate and join others who share their plight in order to make a living by banditry. In general, they are the most aggressive of all pirate subspecies, having nothing to lose and no fear of anything. Their main hideout, also called Houseless, is known to be located in the Kipa System in the far south reaches of Auroran space, but neither of the nearby Houses can be bothered to mount the expensive and troublesome campaign that would be required to exterminate these vermin. Indeed, one of the main sticking points between Dani and Tekel is which family should do it.


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Unlike the other pirate factions, the Houseless fly Auroran ships, all the way up to the Aurora Cruiser. (Presumably a lack of manpower prevents the use of the Aurora Carrier.)


  • Once we were the Aurorans. We fought only for glory and honor.
  • May our actions bring honor to ourselves, as our House and our Empire have forgotten us.
  • What is it you want? Are you strong enough to do it?
  • We fight to survive. For if we do not what we once were will be gone forever...
  • Strength, Honor and Impeccability; of these, we can only respect Strength, all else is lost to us.
  • Our biggest fight is within our soul. We have lost our impeccability, and we will wrestle with that until we die.
  • We, who were once warriors, now live only to survive.
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