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The E-60 Fed Carrier is a Federation ship in Escape Velocity Nova. To acquire a Fed Carrier, you either must have blackmailed the Federation president using the confessions of Rebel leaders, bringing him back under the thumb of the Bureau or disable and capture one.

"The biggest war machine in Federation space, the Federation Carrier houses squadrons of fighters and can hold its own without its formidable escort. Capable of long-range tactical power projection, the E-60 is effectively a mobile base, and is often used by Admirals and Commodores as a safe vantage point to gauge the ebb and flow of space battles. It mounts heavy laser batteries along its top flight deck." ― Buying a Fed Carrier

The Fed Carrier is a heavy battlecarrier with medium-range firepower.


"This fine Federation ship is a fleet unto itself, with a total of six ancillary vessels docked aboard her at full CSG (Carrier Space Group) strength. It will take a huge 'donation' to the Federation War Fund to get the pompous rear admiral in charge of her assignment to consider tasking her to fleet duty." ― Hiring a Fed Carrier

Heavy Fighter upgrade path[]

Flagship Class (#143)[]


All Fed Carriers will get Speed +10 and Acceleration +15 from their equipped Thorium Reactor as a piloted ship.

Wild Variants[]

Stat changes are relative to the stats of the basic model. The basic model is Flagship Class.

The following shipvariants are unavailable in the shipyard and must be captured in the field.

Auroran Outfits Detected (#222)[]


Heavy Fighter Variant (#220)[]


Heavy Missile upgrade path[]

Non-Missile Variant (#218)[]


Light Missile Variant (#221)[]


Heavy Missile Variant (#219)[]


Gameplay Analysis[]

Fed Carrier Shipyard

"Don't pick a fight with it unless you know what you are doing." ― EVula Survival Guide

As you might expect, the Fed Carrier is large and sluggish with it depending primarily on turreted weapons and its fighters for defense. Also problematic is the towering command bridge which causes its turrets to be blind at the stern. The Fed Carrier is most effective when escorted by Fed Destroyers to either protect the Carrier or direct heavy firepower towards enemy capital ships. Nevertheless, these behemoths are more than a match for most threats to Federation security.

Master Blaster[]

The Non-Missile Variant is notable as the only ship in the game capable of mounting eight Heavy Blaster Turrets. To do so, one must be in the Rebel string and capture a NMV. One then must sell both Quad Light Blaster Turrets and purchase four illegal HBTs. While it has neither the highest possible damage output nor the most efficient loadout in terms of mass, the damage and rate of fire is still impressive and also has the advantage over most other high-damage set-ups by having much greater range and ability to hit within a 240° arc around the front, due to the rear blind spot. When Mass Retools or the Mass Trick are used it'll still have plenty of room, enough to mount several fighter bays and other outfits.


The Fed Carrier was made by Scott Vardy with a rework by Dave Williams and textures by Stephen Chick.


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Ship Spins[]

This ship has one set with 36 frames.

  • Ship: 128x128
  • Engine: 192x192

Representative Images[]

Additional Images[]

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