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The Fed Destroyer is a Federation ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"The Federation Destroyer was developed to cope with the defense of an ever-changing frontier. Capable of quickly responding to an incursion and equipped with versatile weapons to meet a wide range of foes, the E-41 was dubbed the 'guard-dog' of the Federation. Effective as a peace-keeper during the time of expansion, the E-41 is now nearly obsolete as a primary weapons platform." ― Buying a Destroyer

"The E-41 has had its heyday, but this one still looks like she has fight left in her. The base chief is willing to assign her to escort duty for an appropriate commission to the Federation War Fund. You suspect she'll skim a little for herself, as well." ― Hiring a Destroyer

Gameplay Analysis

"A competent capital ship, the Destroyer is, much like every other ship, deadlier when travelling in packs. The Heavy Missile variants are the worst to fight, as their Hellhound Missiles can be rather devestating, especially when followed up with a few Patrol Boats." ― EVula Survival Guide

The Destroyer is not the best ship for the player; it's only good uses are as a missile escort or cannon fodder. Problems with flying a Destroyer lie mainly in its ridiculously low speed and the fact that you cannot turn it when it is fully ionized.

But when modified, the Federation Destroyer can become a very capable warship. If a Heavy Missile Variant is uppgraded with all the Engine Upgrades plus the Sigma Electrical Rewiring and you throw in a couple of Hail Chainguns, it will become a more capable killing platform.

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