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The Fed Patrol Boat is a Federation ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"The concept of a fast boat with more firepower than a fighter and more speed than a capital ship has been around for the last millennium. The latest incarnation of this ideal is the Federation Patrol Boat. Named for the patrol boats that guarded Australia and the Pacific islands during World War II and beyond, the patrol boat is packed with anti-fighter weaponry. It's often used as a picket ship in fleet duty, or in its primary role as a patrol vessel in the outer territories." ― Buying a Patrol Boat

"Patrol Boats make excellent picket ships; good if you've got some weak cargo carriers in your fleet. Don't expect them to put up with too much punishment, though. The pilot seems eager to join a convoy, as a change from the normal patrol duties he performs." ― Hiring a Patrol Boat

Gameplay Analysis

"The Patrol Boat is the heaviest of the Federation's fighters, with the exception of the RAGE Gunboat. It's a very powerful ship for it's size, and is quite powerful for it's role. While as a single ship it can be taken out easily, in packs of 3 (or supported by other fighter craft) the Patrol Boat can make quick work of enemies of the Federation." ― EVula Survival Guide

One way to upgrade a normal Fed Patrol Boat is to sell all the stock weapons then buy Hellhound Missiles and Fusion Pulse Cannons.

A pure close-combat variant uses four Thunderhead Lances and one or more Ionic Particle Beam Cannons to deal large amounts of damage at short range.

But if you prefer having fighters, sell all of the standard weapons then buy a Thunderhead bay, three Thunderheads, and four thunderhead lances.

This ship is good, however its hull is light; it might be good to buy some carbon fiber or FPC's, or maybe even a few hail chainguns or TH lances to counteract the Abomination's FPC batteries, or in some variant's case, railguns.

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