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The Fed Scout Ship is a Federation ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"Every successful military force in history has relied on accurate intelligence for their success. So the Federation Navy has created the Scout Ship, capable of operating for long periods behind enemy lines without resupply so that if war does break out, they will be able to send these vessels far behind enemy lines to help with information gathering. High-ranking strategists believe that this vessel may well prove invaluable in enabling the Federation Navy to defeat any all-out assault by the Auroran Empire." ― Buying a Scout Ship

"Fed Scout Ships make good long-range picket ships. Don't expect them to put up with too much punishment, though, as they are built more for endurance and running away than for toe-to-toe combat. The pilot of this vessel seems eager to join a convoy, as a change from the normal deep-space patrol duties he performs." ― Hiring a Scout Ship

Gameplay Analysis

"This ship excels at what it was designed for, and can be a threat in combat, if it is joined by other Federation ships." ― EVula Survival Guide

The Fed Scout Ship has the longest range of any stock ship outside of Polaris space, except for the Star Liner.

The ship falls somewhere between an interceptor and a light ship, having the advantages of both types of ships. It's faster and more nimble than most Valkyries and Starbridges and can carry more weaponry than any Viper or Lightning.

Strangely, and more frustratingly, this ship appears to be used by United Shipping, and is not available to the player even if they complete the necessary mission strings. Polaris Manta aside, this is probably one of the best fighter class ships in the game.

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