This is a list of Federation faction ships in Escape Velocity Nova.

Federation Viper

Federation Viper targeting

"With the rapid development of space flight, it was inevitable that sports (particularly racing) would come to fruition sooner rather than later. Power Sled Racing stood up to the challenge. A few intrepid hot-rodders noticed that one particular sled, the Viper, took very well to a bit of extra weight in the form of armor and armament. With a little engine tweaking, these modified Vipers, designated F-23, were selected by the Federation as the mainstay of their fighter wings."


Anaconda targeting

"The main problem with the Viper as a fighter craft is a complete lack of any form of explosive projectile. A new variant that has the 'long distance kill' capacity, based on the Viper chassis, has been the Federation's choice of Space Superiority Fighter ever since. Although this ship, named the Anaconda, suffers from a slightly slower acceleration and top speed than the Viper, its ability to destroy enemy fighters before that fighter can get within gun range more than compensates."

Scout Ship

Scout Ship targeting

"Every successful military force in history has relied on accurate intelligence for their success. So the Federation Navy has created the Scout Ship, capable of operating for long periods behind enemy lines without resupply so that if war does break out, they will be able to send these vessels far behind enemy lines to help with information gathering. High-ranking strategists believe that this vessel may well prove invaluable in enabling the Federation Navy to defeat any all-out assault by the Auroran Empire."

Patrol Boat

Patrol Boat targeting

"The concept of a fast boat with more firepower than a fighter and more speed than a capital ship has been around for the last millennium. The latest incarnation of this ideal is the Federation Patrol Boat. Named for the patrol boats that guarded Australia and the Pacific islands during World War II and beyond, the patrol boat is packed with anti-fighter weaponry. It's often used as a picket ship in fleet duty, or in its primary role as a patrol vessel in the outer territories."


Destroyer targeting

"The Federation Destroyer was developed to cope with the defense of an ever-changing frontier. Capable of quickly responding to an incursion and equipped with versatile weapons to meet a wide range of foes, the E-41 was dubbed the 'guard-dog' of the Federation. Effective as a peace-keeper during the time of expansion, the E-41 is now nearly obsolete as a primary weapons platform."

RAGE Gunboat

RAGE Gunboat targeting

"In an attempt to combat the Abomination and the Striker, Federation Scientists have developed the Reactive Armor General Equipment (RAGE) Gunboat. The hyperbolic 'General Equipment' refers to the fact that the Gunboat mounts Auroran FPC technology, and stolen Polaris wraithii material. The reactive armor plating is nearly impenetrable to lesser weapons, and the ship has outstanding speed and maneuverability for a vessel its size. Only time will tell if it is enough to stand up to the might of the Aurora, or the technology of the Polaris."

Federation Carrier

Federation Carrier targeting

"The biggest war machine in Federation space, the Federation Carrier houses squadrons of fighters and can hold its own without its formidable escort. Capable of long-range tactical power projection, the E-60 is effectively a mobile base, and is often used by Admirals and Commodores as a safe vantage point to gauge the ebb and flow of space battles. It mounts heavy laser batteries along its top flight deck."

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