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The Aurora Firebird is an Auroran ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"Firebirds are the main Auroran fighter. Their engines are simple, to say the least. Their task is to protect the Phoenix from attack by smaller fighters such as the Viper, while the Phoenix take on the heavier ships. The Firebird is slower than the Viper, but not by enough to give the Viper a decisive edge. Battles between the two often come down to individual skill. Many a Federation/Auroran border skirmish has come to a halt while the two sides watch a Firebird/Viper dogfight between renowned pilots." ― Buying a Firebird
"The Firebird is not as heavily armored as the Phoenix, but she is quicker and vastly more maneuverable. The Firebird you are looking at has been painted with vast expanses of black. You comment on this to the pilot. "I am a rare thing in the Galaxy," she says "for I am an Auroran warrior for whom Death is darkness. If you were to see me naked, you would find that my Death-Tattoo is only black. When I die, it will only be black." {G "You bring yourself back from wondering what she would be like naked" "You stop comparing your own figure to hers"}, and consider what she has said." ― Hiring a Firebird

Gameplay Analysis

"Worse than the Viper, in my opinion. The only variant that poses any kind of threat is the Va Themgiir Class, and that's only because I really like the Fusion Pulse Cannons. Chew threw them as quickly as you can, as half a dozen Chainguns pointed at you can do some serious damage after a while, no matter what kind of ship you're flying." ― EVula Survival Guide

The firebird takes a different approach in fighter strategy than the viper. Unlike its Federation adversaries, it uses Hail Chainguns or Fusion Pulse Cannons instead of blasters. This is offset, however, by the atrocious shields and non-reactive armor. Excellent maneuverability and good armor allows for a fighter that, in the right hands, can take down many more Vipers than Firebirds, seeing as they are particularly vulnerable to other Auroran ships. This ship should probably used by Nova pilots who enjoy flying and dogfighting more than accomplishing more difficult mission strings.

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