Fusion Pulse Battery on a Thunderforge

"When the Heraan family were constructing the first Abomination gunboats, they discovered quite quickly that standard Fusion Pulse Cannons mounted on Abominations were unable to hit fast moving targets, due to the poor turning speed of the craft. So was born the Fusion Pulse Turret (and later the battery version)."

The Fusion Pulse Battery, or FPB, is a powerful weapon created to fill the gap between the Fusion Pulse Turret and Fusion Pulse Cannon. The weapon fires from a 90 degree front arc. Like other Fusion Pulse weaponry, the shots decay over time due to their instability.

You must have completed part of the Heraan Storyline to purchase this outfit.

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One Fusion Pulse Battery fires at a rate equal to four Fusion Pulse Cannons. Due to this extremely rapid fire rate, the FPB can deal large amounts of damage very quickly.

The slow speed of the projectiles makes it difficult to hit fast-moving ships, though the “spread” i.e. low accuracy does help in this regard. This weapon should be used in standoff tactics, where enemy ships are flying directly towards you, against ships that have been ionized, or ships that are just naturally big and slow.

The weapon had a different outfitter graphic in versions 1.0.8 and below. The picture shown is how the weapon appears in 1.0.9 and up.

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