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GLi-Tech, based on GLi-Tech-nia in the Rimshot system, is a major weapons manufacturer. Founded in 2045 AD (circa -735 NC, approximately 1900 years before the game began) under the name GLiMMER, they were forced to change their name to GLi-Tech in the year 120 NC, after an intense legal battle following the settlement of the Glimmer system. GLi-Tech invented most forms of guided missile used in Federation space, though some are produced under license by another company, Kayel Solutions. Many of their methods are unethical at best; for example, they test weapons on other ships, and they use their monopoly on Gravimetric Missiles to jack up the price.


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GLi-Tech has customers from all factions, so don't be surprised at some of the ships you may see when visiting the system. There is a brief GLi-Tech mission string, which begins with deliveries available on GLi-Tech-nia, goes on to include the testing of several new weapons, and can tie into the Federation storyline if you are playing both.

Notable weapons sold at GLi-Tech-nia[]

The Thunderhead Lance, Polaron Cannon, Etheric Wake Missile, Etheric Wake Missile Launcher, Wraith Cannon and Wraithii.

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