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  • Storm Chaingun, the Point Defence implementation of the Hail Chaingun. Not as lethal.
  • Light Blaster, the Federation's equivalent fighter-sized weapon which is really no comparison.


"A decent enough weapon, I prefer to have my secondary weapon be a projectile of some sort, rather than something that is made obsolete by my fusion pulse cannons." ― EVula Survival Guide

The Hail Chaingun is rather unimpressive against shields, but chews through armor like nothing else. The weapon is best used to grill small fighters, especially Auroran fighters who rely on armor. Taking only a couple of these is not recommended against large vessels, nor is using it for asteroid mining, as the money spent on ammunition will dent your profits.

As a burst fire weapon, a single Hail Chaingun has impressive damage, but multiple installations do not increase damage linearly as expected. It's recommended to put a single Hail Chaingun on most builds alongside other weapons.

One way that it outshines Blasters is by being a Front-quadrant turret that uses a gun slot. This feature comes essentially for free.

It is the only ammunition-fed primary weapon and as such can be a liability in long fire-fights. Try to re-stock as often as possible, particularly when using multiple Hail Chainguns, and/or the Storm Chaingun.


Nova pict 6041

Hail Chaingun on a Firebird

""If it ain't broke, don't fix it," is the old maxim, and the Hail Chaingun holds true to this time-honored principle. A simple caseless round is loaded into one of the two gatling breaches, and liquid propellant is injected behind the shell. The Hail has a cyclic rate of 3000 RPM, and has enough ammo on board for an extended firefight."

The Hail Chaingun is a weapon that uses Chaingun Ammunition as ammunition. It is cheap, light, effective against armor and has ample ammunition storage.

This weapon is commonly available from Auroran worlds, as well as Rebel I and Viking. It comes equipped on many Auroran and Pirate ships.

Nova pict 6042

Chaingun Ammunition on a Firebird

"Simple caseless rounds have been around for longer than most historians can remember, and the production of them is so old-tech as to be almost a backyard occurrence throughout most of Known Space. The Aurorans in particular produce enormous amounts of it in order to fuel their almost constant war efforts (whether it be against the Federation or amongst themselves)."

There's really no reason not to max out your Chaingun ammo. Alt-click to open a dialog that lets you purchase 2000 at a time. It'll cost 40k, and since ammo is only consumed at the end of a burst, realistically you'll never run out before you swap ships again.