Shuttle Heavy

The civilian Heavy Shuttle is a civilian ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"Based on the keel of the Sigma Shipyards Shuttle, the Heavy Shuttle is half again the length of the original model and has the capability for an extra hyperspace jump over that of the older design. The simple jump engines limit the amount of extra cargo it can carry over and above what the older shuttle can, but that one extra jump is main reason the Heavy Shuttle has all but displaced the shuttle in most systems." ― Buying a Heavy Shuttle
"Heavy shuttles like this one have been in production for hundreds of years. While the specimen in front of you looks like a newer model, it's basically the same as the ones you saw when you were younger. The pilot offers his services for a very reasonable price." ― Hiring a Heavy Shuttle
The Sigma Shipyards Epsilon-class Heavy Shuttle, often called simply a Heavy Shuttle, is a light freighter built by Sigma Shipyards as a larger version of the Alpha-class shuttle. Although slightly less maneuverable, the Heavy Shuttle has replaced its smaller cousin in many systems; its larger energy and cargo capacity allow for more jumps with more cargo. Like the Alpha-models, Epsilon-class shuttles have been in production for hundreds of years, and are used across much of Federation space by independent traders. 

Gameplay Analysis

"A whole lot better than the standard Shuttle, the Heavy Shuttle boasts enhanced shielding and armor and a slightly higher jump capacity, but more importantly, a larger cargo capacity. These extra tons can come in handy if you have to transport a few passenger groups and their luggage, in addition to your freight shipment." ― EVula Survival Guide
At the start of the game, the player has enough money to buy both the stock and used variant straight away. Since the Heavy Shuttle is better than the Shuttle in every way (besides a small decrease in speed, which is hardly significant), a large proportion of players usually do this immediately. It is possible to buy a long-range weapon, such as an FPC or 100mm railgun, and use it to disable ships much larger and more capable than the Heavy Shuttle, and then board the ships, giving you the option to take their credits, and possibly (but unlikely), to capture the ship. This is done by making the target ship (good options are Manticores, Marauder Pegasuses, Valkyries, and other similar craft without long-range guns) hostile by firing a single shot at it. It will then turn and chase you, firing missiles or rockets at you, trying to kill or disable your ship. Move away from the ship until it runs out of missile ammo, and then get it in range of your weapon but out of range of theirs and fire until it is disabled. This method can take a long time but is normally worth it to gain a sizeable amount of credits and possibly a captured ship.

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