Hector D. Byrd, known to players of the Escape Velocity series as Cap'n Hector, was the parrot mascot of Ambrosia Software. Hector now resides with Lisa and Dave Hamilton at MacObserver's TMO Towers East.

Hector is a female African Gray Parrot, although her gender was not known until after her naming. Hector has also at one time laid an egg, but it turned out to be infertile.

In the Escape Velocity series, Cap'n Hector appears flying an invincible starship and (sometimes rather forcefully) reminding the player to register the game. In Escape Velocity Classic, Hector flew a Rapier and would periodically hail the player and remind him/her that the game is unregistered, saying things like "Avast, ye software pirate! Register EV!"

In Escape Velocity Override, Hector flew a Helian and would steal the player's money occasionally. The amount stolen was a percentage of the player's total amount. Also, after the 30-day period, her thefts would be bigger and more frequent.

In Escape Velocity Nova, Cap'n Hector was much, much worse. During the 30-day trial period, she would almost constantly follow the player around in one of several ships, usually a Starbridge, nagging the player to pay for the game. When the trial period is up, she would unleash her fury and attack the player; her weapons loadout depends on the strength of the player's ship.

Hector always chooses certain weapons in addition to whatever weapon seems powerful should plugs be installed. She is invincible and all her weapons are super charged, all roughly five to ten times stronger than usual. Also, depending on the player's ship, she changes craft. She has been seen flying an IDA Frigate and a Raven. Each one is successively more powerful, the Raven possessing the deadliest loadout. Should the player reload their game after being killed, she'll come back as "Super Hector" with an even deadlier selection of weapons.

While it is impossible to have plugs in an unregistered copy, it is possible via a glitch to have Hector appear in a registered copy of the game. There is also a plug-in that adds Hector as a pers (she is normally hard-coded into the game), but plug version's strength is nowhere near the real Hector's and she does not exhibit the same behavior at all.

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