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The Heraan Storyline of EV Nova is enjoyable as it is action-packed.


In the initial Heraan missions, you help lift a blockade, fight in a free for all duel to join Family Heraan and undergo martial arts training.

In the Heraan main story you rescue Bazara and hunt down the traitor who compromised him, fight to undermine House Moash's initial plots, work for the Dechtakars to gain their approval, form a squadron of elite Auroran warriors and win a duel to become the new spiritual leader for Family Heraan.

In the first Heraan gaiden, you rescue a spy with knowledge of a combined Federation and Moash plot to attack the Tekel and Dani houses. To foil their plot, you steal jamming technology from the Federations 'Project World-eater' and use it to destroy a Moash and Federation fleet.

In the second Heraan gaiden, you rescue Auroran prisoners from the Federation capital prison ship Desolation, who ask you to rescue the Vell-os they formed a bond with. After recovering them from a medical facility, these slaves must be brought to an artifact on Korell that will give them the telepathic strength to break free from the artificial collective they're trapped in. Finally, they're taken to the Polaris so they can begin to work on freeing the rest of their race.

In the final Heraan missions, you disgrace the Moash and have the Heraan replace them as first house becoming First Thurokiir yourself, then invite the Polaris to the Empire as sixth house and convince the Rebellion and Wild Geese to attack the Federation with the Empire upon your signal, which is the assassination of Krane (head of the Bureau).


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