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Escape Velocity Nova Heraan Storyline Side Story 1

Rescue Heraan Spy

You are heading to the bar for a bit of a break when you feel a buzzing in your message comp. You head to the side of the walkway, stepping out of the throng of people walking back and forth, and quickly patch the message through. A hologram of Techerakh springs from the tiny projector, and Techerakh quickly tells you that the Council has need of your presence immediately. You rush to the Great Hall.

As soon as you enter, you are rushed into the main tactics room. Warriors stand around the walls, guarding the important House figures within. Techerakh glances up from a map of the nearby systems, and waves you over. "I have a mission for you," he says. "Do you feel like going for a run out to <RST>?"

"There seems to be something afoot between the Moash and the Federation again. I need you to head out to <RST>. There is a Heraan undercover man I want you to collect. He should have more information, but doesn't trust it to sub-space transmission. It must be something very important to warrant such action, so be on your guard."

You nod, and begin to head for the door.

"Then I suggest you get out of my sight. I had higher hopes for you."
Mission Log Entry
Head to <RST> to bring out a Heraan undercover agent.

Rescue Heraan Spy

You are sauntering towards the main bar, when a Moash warrior steps from the shadows. He scrutinizes you before asking if you had any news of Thurmbiir Flaming Wings. This is an older code for Heraan contacts, and at first you balk. After a few uncertain moments, you reply that Thurmbiir is well. He smiles. As he reaches out a hand in friendship, you sense all is not right. You disable him and drag him into a nearby alleyway.

A short time later you have all the information that you need. The Heraan spy has been discovered, and is currently being held under house arrest, awaiting a Moash Interrogation Squad.

At the house, you cruise past the two guards. As soon as their eyes leave you, you spin, and with one blast end both their lives. Using one of the guards' fingers to open the door, you dive through, cutting short the military careers of another two men before finding the spy. The man is in bad shape, but he is Heraan. He will live. You cut his bonds and hoist him over your shoulder. As you bolt to your ship, klaxons and alarms are sounding, and you know that you are going to face some determined enemies as you leave. Leaping to the controls, you simply hit the bricks, praying that you will break out and get back on your way to Heraan before too many get on your tail...

Mission Log Entry
Take the wounded Heraan spy back to <RST> as quickly as possible.
Dropping Cargo
Heraan medics are awaiting your ship, per the instructions you transmitted upon entering the system. They take over the care of the spy, who is starting to look better since Moash warriors stopped trying to bludgeon his skull with their bare hands. He waves his thanks as they walk him away on a grav-stretcher. You wave back, before heading for debriefing.
Techerakh waves you to a seat, and tells you that he is glad that you went to such extremes to save the spy's life. Apparently the information in the man's initial report was enough for the War Council to place a number of other operatives on the task of keeping tabs on crucial Moash shipping, and more cryptically, on some specific Federation ships. Techerakh instructs you to meet him in the bar later, where he will expand on the story.

"It's not that I don't want to tell you," he smiles "but more that I might be sending you on another mission almost immediately, so don't drink too much."

Steal Jamming Technology

You have been waiting for Techerakh for hours, and are about to give up. Techerakh bursts through the door with a wild look in his eye.

"Little Wolf," he is almost beside himself with excitement "We have the Moash now. Our spy on Moash uncovered a conspiracy. The Moash were going to allow Federation Fleets safe passage across the Auroran border to attack the Tekel and Dani Houses. This is HUGE. It would be enough to turn the Dani and Tekel Houses against the Moash, but coming from us, neither House would believe it. So it falls to us to stop the threat.

"The plan called for the Moash Fleets to send coded messages to the Federation Fleets, who would then jump into Auroran space without a shot being fired. The Council proposes to send two battle fleets, one each to head to the Dani and Tekel rendezvous points, destroy the listening posts there, and quickly erect new ones, feeding signals back to the Moash on Aurora that all is well.

"Of course, the Moash fleets will be nothing but an expanding debris field, and we will be waiting for the Federation. The Federation will be vulnerable, and not expecting attack. We will clean their clocks. Unfortunately, for this to happen, I need you to go and steal something from the Federation. Are you keen?"

"The Federation have a research facility on Menin. It deals with the research and development of coding and decoding arrays, and for the specific development of jamming technology. It is called Project Worldeater. We need you to go to this station, and break in to the research facility.

"Our techs are working round the clock to create a couple of little gadgets that will make the job easier, but when all is said and done, it will be a difficult task.

"They will make you a multi-key pass, which will crack the lockout on the doors in the facility. The amount of power that will be required to do this is immense, so use it sparingly. You will also have a special make-up to cover your tattoos. Most of our operatives inside the Federation use it. It will mean a {G "haircut and a shave" "new haircut-and-style"}, but I'm sure you can live with that.

"Ours techs will give you a schematic of what the devices will look like, but just to be sure, take a quantum solid copy of their files. Then get out quick. Once you are in the clear, send word and a fleet will jump in and destroy the station. They will be travelling incognito using stolen ships, mostly pirate modified Valkyries. Sounds simple, huh?"

Mission Log Entry
Steal some new jamming technology plans from the Federation research facility on <DST> in the <DSY> system and take them back to <RST>.
Loading Cargo
In the early hours of the morning you quickly make your way to the R&D area of the station. You expect the Federation Security Forces to descend on you at any minute, but the Techs have done an amazing job at forging your pass-card and identification and so far you have been cleared through each checkpoint with a cursory glance.

Before long you reach the Project Worldeater research offices. In the lock, the Multi-key pass bursts into life, buzzing quickly through the various possible codes at a furious rate. The door soon slides open.

You are shortly in the main lab and examining the arrays before you. Each one is in a different stage of completion. Grabbing the one closest to complete, you then find the jamming device closest to the schematic you memorized.

You conceal both in the satchel that the Heraan Techs gave you. It is a shroud bag, designed to allow the true contents of a bag to be concealed under sensor scan, instead displaying innocuous items. This is the first field trial, and you pray that it works. You copy the researchers' files to Quantum Solid Crystal, and head for the door. The trip back to your ship is stressful, but ultimately uneventful, and for once it seems, everything has gone off without a hitch.

Dropping Cargo
Heraan Technicians run away with the samples you have stolen, and with the file copy you retrieved for them. They quickly ask if you have had a chance to look at the various inventions, and if you have any ideas or thoughts on them. You tell them that they will have to wait for you to report, but that you would be glad to help them perfect their designs at a later stage. One of the techs suggests that you discuss it over a couple of drinks in the bar, and you readily agree. You head off for debriefing.
Techerakh is delighted, and the head of Heraan Research and Development sends his personal thanks. It seems that the copy you took of the Federation files also contained the theories of various new encryption techniques.

It is felt by the science community that the possibility for new technology in the Heraan House is high, since the theoretical knowledge you stole is worth years of research.

Techerakh has received word that the Federation have sifted through the wreckage of Menin and are thought to be unaware of the theft ever taking place.

"All in all," he says, "The plan is coming together nicely. I'd hate to be the Moash in a few days time." You both chuckle and head for the bar.

Destroy Moash Fleet

Techerakh hands you another drink, and you take a long swig. "I want this one to be your last, Wolf," he waves at the drink in your hand "Since I have an honor to bestow upon you."

"Tomorrow our fleets will head out in secret to attack the Moash. Ordinarily, I would lead one fleet and Kuron the other. Since so much has gone into the preparation for this attack, and the opportunity is so great to deal a mortal blow to the Federation, Kuron wants to keep an eye on both fleets. Subsequently, we are one commander short. Or we were, up until I gave you command of the other fleet."

You feel your mouth fall open, and Techerakh grins at you. "I had a feeling about you when we first met, and I'm glad to know I was right. I want you to lead the second fleet, and take her to <RST> in the <RSY> system to wipe out the Moash there. Once you do, the Engineers will jump in and start sending back the false signals. Sounds easy, do you want to go?"

"Good for you," Techerakh shakes your hand. "Commanding a fleet is an interesting proposition. If Kuron thinks that you are in trouble, he'll send instructions by burst transmission. But I have a feeling that you'll do well for yourself."

"Now each ship will have a Transmission Jammer installed, including yours, but the techs have performed some sort of miracle to allow OUR coded burst signals through the jamming. The only problem is, we don't have time to test it. So if everything goes off the air, just do the best you can. Congratulations on your first fleet, young Wolf."

You shake Techerakh's hand, and soon head home to sleep. You are going to need all the energy you can get. Next day, you jump out.

Mission Log Entry
Destroy the Moash fleet in the <RSY> system and prepare for the arrival of the Federation fleet.
The Moash Fleet has been utterly destroyed, and the Transmission Jammer worked better than expected. No transmission from Heraan were able to get through to you, and you have a suspicion that the regular reports you sent back did not get through either.

However, Kuron is happy with the result, and is proud of the way you led your men. The engineers have already half built the dummy listening post, and the signals pumping out of the engineering ships have been doctored to make the Moash think that the signals are coming from the listening post.

All you have to do now is wait for the word to send the coded signals to the Federation fleet. The IFF Projector, or the 'Liar Box', as it has become known, has been tested in ship to ship transmissions, but you hope that it works over long distances. It should enable you to lure the Federation to the trap. The Transmission Jammer will deny them the ability to call for help, and they will die in their thousands. It will be a great day for the Heraan.

Destroy Federation Fleet

The time finally arrives for the signals to be sent, and as you give the order you can feel the excitement build in the men around you. The Federation fleet signal back the all clear, and all over the fleet men spring to their battle stations. The Federation are going to be very surprised. In the final communication between you and Kuron, he wishes you luck and tells you to return to Heraan when all the Federation ships are destroyed.
Mission Log Entry
Destroy the Federation fleet before returning to <RST>.
There are hordes of screaming warriors everywhere, and chaos reigns supreme in the space dock. Men and women from the two fleets mix and mingle, finding their friends and telling of their triumphs. Tattooing Lasers are being applied to skin left, right and center, and no-one can remember such a victory ever occurring before.

Not only have the Heraan defeated two Federation battle fleets, but they have defeated two Moash Fleets as well. Techerakh ushers you aside, and tells you that he has never seen the spirit of the House so high, and that it was through your efforts that the victory could take place. You feel tears spring to your eyes as Techerakh tells you that a tattoo will be struck in memory of this day, and the Wolf will feature prominently on it. The feasting and drinking goes long into the night, and starts again the next day. It is some time before you are able to relax. Victory is sweet.

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