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IDA Frigate Rebellion

The civilian IDA Frigate is a civilian ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"The IDA Frigate was the mainstay of the Colonial Council line before the collapse of the Gate system, and instrumental in the defense of the core worlds against the Aurorans. These ships were made to last; the spaceframe itself is compartmental and component-based, and, like the Leviathan, it is virtually indestructible. Don't count on this protecting you on the bridge, though. Bad shields, good armor and brutal Impact Drive Assemblies (hence IDA) are all trademarks of this keel." ― Buying an IDA Frigate

"The captain of this ancient IDA Frigate introduces you to his crew as a matter of course as he takes you on a tour of his sturdy ship. He's a sturdy man himself; nearly fifty from the look of him, but still in fighting trim. The frigate is also old but strong; her hull plating is scrubbed, and her brutally efficient Impact Drive Assemblies are still in original condition." ― Hiring an IDA Frigate

Gameplay Analysis

"The IDA Frigate is an excellent choice for traders that want to have some ass-kicking power while being able to run the profitable (but rather dangerous) Gefjon run. Good shields and armor, plus decent weaponry and speed, combined with the huge cargo hold make this a good ship for the low price." ― EVula Survival Guide

The stock IDA Frigate is a short-range vessel, but you can add batteries and auxiliary power sources to extend its hyperjump range. This ship can be encountered in a number of variants, including a Rebel version.

The IDA Frigate also has a large cargo space - 250 tons. While this is not much compared to some freighters, the IDA is well-equipped to fight off would-be pirates.

The IDA frigate can be a good ship for asteroid mining in dangerous territory. Because the ship is relatively narrow, it is long, so it needs to be turned sideways in order to collect the mini-asteroids released. When turned sideways, it is actually wider than the Asteroid Miner.

The IDA frigate cannot be turned when completely ionized.

With all Sigma Shipyards upgrades and mass exchanges, and when loaded with weapons and shield upgrades, it is a capable warship

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