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KFL was the code name of a Total Conversion which was by rmx256. The TC was slated to be released before the end of 2008. Work was first started shortly after the release of EVN itself and reached an end in 2005. rmx256 attempted to carry on for a bit but was soon discouraged by his predicted death of the EV scene. The fact that this had not occurred, and inspired by the release of Acheron and Colosseum, rmx256 decided to get his cards back in order and go to work.

Remaining tasks before completion included re-balancing of ships, incorporating landing shot graphics and initial area proofing for constancy with the greater milieu (considering that area of the galaxy was among the first to be written by over a year and may not be consistent with the rest of the greater galaxy as a whole or the novel).

KFL was also the novelization of the above Total Conversion: the latter being roughly based on the plot of the former, which is an outgrowth of the latter ad infinitum. The final version of the TC would have included over 1000 inhabited systems (over 700 so far), several major governments, quite a bit of reading and a (hopefully) unique abuse of the engine once or twice- at least something that has not made it to a released plug-in yet. 3D graphics would have been entirely produced in Mechanisto, with Lunar Cell on the planets and public domain sources on the landing shots.

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