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One of Krypt's Pods

The Krypt is a strange creature that controls about 1/10 of the galaxy. It plays an important part in the Vell-os Storyline.

The Krypt was created by the Krypt-tokh (the Vell-os ruling council) shortly after the Vell-os wars, when they imbued their minds into their nanites. The Krypt is unaware any other life exists. It is primarily seen in the form of Krypt pods.


  • <Unauthorised interface>
  • <Transmission disrupted at source>
  • <Incoherent signal>
  • <Unauthorised computer access>
  • <Incoherent burst static>
  • <Unknown interface>
  • <Unregistered language>
  • <Irregular response>
  • <Static EM beam>
  • <Undecipherable transmission burst>
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