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EV Nova: "Launch Probe" side story

Launch Exploration Probe (Klavs 2)[]

mission #830

Available from:
Random system
Federation space object
Bar: 25%
AvailBits: !(b7780 | b7781) & !((b8338 | b8339) | (b423 |b424))
5 tons of Space Probe

"You are sitting enjoying a few moments of peace and quiet when you see a gaggle of what you presume to be scientists headed your way."

You can tell this by the nervous looks and constant checking over the shoulder routine.

"Ah, are you <PN> of the <PSN>?" one of them asks as they get closer. You nod, and indicate that they should all sit down.

"Pleased to meet you," the designated spokesman begins. "My name is Jerry O'Donnell, and my colleagues and I are keen to employ you." You wait, wondering if any of these people have ever been outside a lab in their recent memory.

"We are studying the possibility of further systems beyond the Known Universe to the Galactic South, and are planning a probe launch in the space down there. However, we are unable to pilot a vessel down to our launch point ourselves. Is it possible, for a modest reimbursement, that you could take us there?"

You sit back, enjoying the thought of making them sweat a little.

"Two things," you say. "Where's the launch point and how much to get you there?"

"Well," a very nervous Jerry begins, looking over his shoulder, "we need to launch from the Kontik system, and second, we will be happy to pay you 50,000 for the trouble of getting us there. What do you say?"

You've heard all the stories about Kontik, and about how no one ever comes back alive from trying to study the place. On the other hand, 50,000 is 50,000.


""No way," you tell Jerry. "I'm not going anywhere near Kontik, too many people disappear out there.""

Jerry looks disappointed, as do his companions, but what can you say? No amount of money would get you going anywhere near that place.
On refusal
b7780 b6666

""I guess I'd be prepared to take you down there, but I have to stress that it will be a tough trip," you tell them."

"Yes, <PN>, we have looked over the maps. We know how long the trip will be and what it will entail. We are prepared to leave whenever you are. All we have to do is load the probe and our launching equipment. Of course, we will also need you to return us back to Earth once the probe is launched."

You nod, and tell them to meet you at the spaceport in the morning. They smile at you, thank you for your time, and head off. You catch yourself wondering what you have gotten yourself into this time.

On accept
While active[]
On abort
b7780 !b8338
Mission Log Entry
Take an exploration probe to Kont in the Kontik system to be launched.
Dropping Cargo[]
Travel to:
Nova rleD 2054
Special Ships
1 ship of type Disabled Auroran Cruiser
Disabled Auroran Cruiser
"Disabled Auroran Cruiser" (Wimpy Trader) of govt Derelicts:
  • 100% Cruiser thumb Aurora Cruiser; Gjinchar Class (#154)

"You checked for other ships as soon as you entered the system, finding nothing active. The only thing your sweep revealed was the ancient hulk of an Auroran Cruiser drifting in the distance, and because your sensors could not get a good reading on it, you diligently kept well clear of it."

Dropping Cargo
"We're ready to activate the probe as soon as we unload it and set it up, <PN>," Jerry says as soon as you land. You waste no time, opening the aft hatches and getting stuck into the hard work of unloading the heavy probe.

As you look on, the scientists run a pre-boost check and throw the switch. An old style ion drive lights up, and the probe starts heads up into the unknown.

"It'll take a long time to return any useful data, but perhaps, in a couple of hundred years, we will find the first of a new series of jumps to take us to uncharted space." Jerry gazes wistfully at the rapidly diminishing probe.

You admire his patience, and begin to set a course to take them to Sol and back to the Federation.

Return to:
Nova rleD 2000

""Thank you for taking us on our journey, <PN>," Jerry smiles."

In the time he has been on your ship you have grown quite fond of the man, and his quiet manner. He hands you a credit chip and tells you that future generations of spacefarers will probably take routes to new systems simply because of the research you have helped with your service. You wonder about what the probe will find 'out there'. Perhaps the universe that you are beginning to know so well will only turn out to be a corner of what is really in existence. Perhaps the probe will be the first human contact with an alien race. Only time will tell.
On success
50,000 credits

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