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Light Blaster on a Viper

"The various versions of the Pyrogenesis Compound Blaster have been the standard defense armament for Federation ships for the past 300 years. Utilizing a magnetic containment bottle to collect photon packets before release, the Compound Blaster is capable of generating a kinetic impulse disproportionately large for a weapon of its meager power requirements. The version designed for small ships, the Light Compound Blaster is easily held by the smallest of fighters."

Light Blasters are low-damage, unguided photon-magnetic weapon units commonly used in Federation space. Like all blasters, the Light Compound Blaster is a member of the Pyrogenesis Compound Blaster family, with variants such as the ubiquitous Medium Blaster, the powerful Heavy Blaster, and various turreted weapon models. Light Blasters use magnetic containment bottles to concentrate photon packets prior to release, allowing the weapon to create a fairly powerful kinetic impulse given its small power and size requirements. Because of this, blasters are typically more effective against shields than armour. Designed for small craft, Light Blasters are small and affordable, making them an ideal choice for placement on fighters such as the Federation Viper. Also, light transports and freighters often are equipped with a light blaster or two for basic defence; see such models as the Shuttle and the Heavy Shuttle.


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The light blaster is the most basic weapon in EVN. It's generally pretty ineffective, but a ship with eight mounted will make an excellent anti-fighter platform. Other than this specific use, the light blaster should be replaced with a Medium Blaster or Light Cannon.

The light blaster can be used along side its turreted variant to deal relatively good damage, especially against fighters