Lightning Rebellion

The civilian Lightning is a civilian ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"The galaxy is a dangerous place, and one cannot always rely on the authorities to be in the right place at the right time. This being the case, many planetary governments have created small planetary defense militias, and the Rautherion Lightning is the backbone of such organizations. It falls somewhere between a fighter and a gunboat, and is versatile enough to take on the many roles required of such a craft." ― Buying a Lightning
"Rautherion's Lightning looks both pretty and capable, you think. And the captain of this particular one has a hard and capable look about him, as if he's seen more than enough combat to be able to handle himself. You would feel a lot more confident if you had him along." ― Hiring a Lightning
The Lightning is a heavy fighter used primarily by independent militias of Federation planets. Very fast and flexible, it is the ship of choice for many Wild Geese. Many independent captains fly the Lightning because of its relatively low price tag and versatility. 

Gameplay Analysis

"Better than a Viper, but a bit more expensive, too. The Wild Geese variant is the best of the bunch, but has an extra 100,000 credits on it's price tag. If you're looking for a good fighter, you may want to wait for the Thunderhead." ― EVula Survival Guide
The Lightning's primary role is that of a space-superiority fighter; it can easily take down any other ship its size with the exception of certain Thunderhead variants and the Polaris Manta. Its Light Cannons are quite effective in laying down a barrage of fire, and, with the addition of another pair, it can quickly take out most fighters or lightly armed freighters. Alternatively, Hail Chainguns and Thunderhead Lances can turn the Lightning into a deadly close-range combatant. Its only major drawback is the lack of free space, which can be problematic when going up against heavier ships. A long range Radar or Hellhound Missile Launcher can compensate for this.

This is one of the few fighters that can effectively wield an Ionic Particle Cannon; the Wild Geese variant has room for it with just enough space left over for some performance and armor upgrades.

If you happen to have one of these during the polaris or rebel story mode you can outfit this ship with 2 (or 3) bio-relay lasers

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