Machine Gunning is a now obsolete exploit from versions prior to 1.09. The end result is exactly the same as the effects of the Auto-Machine Gun Bug, though required player input to trigger it and likely wasn't as powerful simply because a player could not match the frame-by-frame precision the 1.10 bug has. Machine Gunning only worked with beams that had a count that was longer than its reload. Normally when firing, Nova would not fire the beam again until the count of the last one expired, regardless of reload. However, if the player rapidly mashed the fire button, Nova would fire again if the weapon had completed reload, resulting in the beam stacking and multiplying its damage, as well as ammunition or energy costs. The exploit was most notably known with the Winter Tempest, which was the weapon it was discovered with, though could also work with the Flower of Spring and Summer Bloom.

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