The Polaris Manta is a Polaris ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"A pilot in the Nil'kemorya comes of age at 16. It is then that he meets the Manta that will be his fighter and personal transport for as long as he lives, no matter how far he advances in rank. Grown from a DNA sample taken from the pilot when he was initiated into the Nil'kemorya, the Manta will bond with him in a very personal way. These fighters are not only swift and powerful, they are also the most 'alive' of the Polaris ships, having approximately the same level of sentience as smart dogs. It incorporates a potent bio-organic laser into its nose as its only weapon." ― Buying a Manta
"The pilot of this Manta is engaged in frolic with her ship as you arrive; they are playing a variant of catch, as the young vessel/lifeform swoops off to collect a ball thrown by the youthful pilot of this ship. "That will keep her occupied for a while," she smiles, and indicates that you should take a seat on a nearby crate. You discuss her fees and talk of small things while the playful young Manta does loops for fun." ― Hiring a Manta
The Polaris Manta is a very small but fast and powerful fighter. Many fleets and enemy capital ships meet their end at the hands of an experienced Manta pilot. Their single Bio-Relay Laser packs quite a punch, while taking up none of the Manta's energy.

Gameplay Analysis

"A very nice fighter, you'll find this ship to be quite deadly when you get swarmed (or get to be the one that is ordering the swarming). VERY fast, too, which makes them great for quickly striking your enemies." ― EVula Survival Guide
The Nil'kimas Manta is the fastest ship in the game, especially when given the Afterburner outfit.

The Qaanol maneuver uses an unarmed Manta to draw fire from the player's escorts.

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Kyros' guide "How to pilot a Manta"

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