Polaris Manta
General characteristics
Acceleration 1075
Turning ability 100
Maximum speed 590
Cost 250,000 cr
Requirements Early Polaris string
Technical specifications
Length 10 meters
Shield capacity 100/50
Armor effectiveness 50/20
Energy capacity 400 units or 4 jumps
Crew 1
Total mass 8 tons
Free space 15 tons
Cargo space 15 tons
Gun hard-points 1 (max)
Turret hard-points 0 (max)
Standard armament Bio-Relay Laser (1)
Included outfits None included

The Polaris Manta is a very small but fast and powerful fighter. Many fleets and enemy capital ships meet their end at the hands of an experienced Manta pilot. Their single Bio-Relay Laser packs quite a punch, while taking up none of the Manta's energy.

Variants Edit

  • Kemi: Slower, less agile, and cheaper than the standard Manta. No cargo space, though.
  • Standard: The standard, untitled Manta shown here.
  • Nil'kimas: Much more powerful engines; just under twice the armor and shields; 50% better recharge; armed with 2 Bio-Relay Lasers and a Wraith Cannon. No cargo space, though.


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The Nil'kimas Manta is the fastest ship in the game, especially when given the Afterburner outfit.

The Qaanol maneuver uses an unarmed Manta to draw fire from the player's escorts.

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