Marauder is a term used to loosely classify the hundreds of small-time raiders and pirates that pollute the galaxy. They have little in common with each other except their love of plunder and can be anyone from overzealous rev-heads to disgruntled merchants. They normally fly modified civilian ships, but an occasional Pirate Starbridge, Pirate Valkyrie, or Pirate Enterprise can also be found in Marauder hands. They are badly organized, poorly armed, and are usually nothing to worry about to well armed space farers. They are universally despised, even by other pirates.


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Marauders are a serious threat to any novice space captain, as they aggressively prey on the sort of small, lightly armed vessels most often used by beginning pilots. They also aren’t restricted to the galactic north like Pirates and have been known to attack ships in the Core Worlds. On the plus side, they are not allied with any larger faction -- in fact, they are so independent that they will attack other pirates when the opportunity arises. Killing them improves one's reputation with all local governments. Also of note, is that unlike Pirates, Marauders often try to destroy their targets, rather than disabling and plundering them.