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Miners is a Total Conversion for Escape Velocity Nova. It was created by Arion and is one of the first TCs to be created for the game. Miners was created within the span of five days, not including the time it took to create the in-game graphics. Those were apperantly created sometime before. The TC was inspired by a game known as PurPeloid.

Unlike many other total conversions, Miners runs out of the plug-ins folder as opposed to the data files folder. Hence, it relies on the main data files to run without crashing and also leads to the occasional appearance of stock Nova ships.


The object of Miners is to use a ship to mine asteroids for water, metal, and opals. These goods are then sold at the spaceport. Once the player has aquirred enough money, they can then pay the hypergate fee and go to the next level. Each level gets progressively harder with higher gate fees. Additionally, pirates become stronger and more frequent as the player progressess. This forces the player to make a choice between purchasing new ships, outfitting them, hiring escorts, and saving enough money to reach the next level. Should the player be disabled, pirates will rob them of their credits and even destroy their ship, sending the player back to level one. However, the player does have help in the form of hints in the holovid and hails from friendly ships. Additionally, they can request assistance from tug drones should they be disabled, which will repair their ship free of charge.

Once the player has passed level ten, they win the TC.

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